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  • Southchase is an unincorporated community of about 16,000 people, located in Orange County, Florida. The stories say that there are a few places in Southchase that are haunted--are you willing to check them out for yourself? Whether you're into paranormal adventures or not, Southchase is a relaxing place to call home. The lush green lawns, large homes and friendly people make for a tight-knit, comfortable community vibe.

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5 Great Reasons to Live in Southchase, Florida

  • It's a buyer's market for real estate investors! The market is full of available properties of all sizes and prices, so take your time to find the right one. Properties cost, on average, between $150,000 and $200,000, so there are deals to be made to keep your dream home on budget. Houses north of Wetherbee Road tend to be a little more affordable than those to the south. If you are looking for a cheaper deal, check along White Marsh Circle.
  • Rent to own options! Not only are there a lot great houses for immediate purchase, you'll also find a few great rent to own housing options as well. At the northern end of town, you're likely to find such listings along Kenley Circle; at the southern end of Southchase, search along the Kassik Circle and nearby streets.
  • Haunted adventures! A few miles away, you'll find the Apollo 1 launchpad from the unsuccessful 1967 mission which some people say is haunted. However, the Apollo 1 launch pad isn't the only place that might be haunted near Southchase. The Ma Barker house--of the infamous Barker Gang--is just a short drive from Southchase. Once a year visitors attend to watch or participate in the reenactment of that fatal shootout. Both Ma Barker and her son Fred were killed in one of the bedrooms, which is reportedly haunted by their spirits.
  • Cool nature tours! Although Southchase is a fairly suburban community, it is surrounded by all kinds of interesting species and exotic oddities of Florida nature. Make a day of it and sign up for the Blue Heron River Tours, or visit Discovery Cove to see all kinds of aquatic birds, alligators and even dolphins!
  • Shopping in Southchase! When you have to get your shopping done, sometimes it's hard to imagine that finding a place to shop with that small-town vibe will be easy. However, Southchase has the Southchase Village, a shopping mall that features a Tuesday Morning, Beall's Outlet and a Ross for all your shopping needs.