Rent to Own Homes near Tamarac, FL

  • Buying a home is affordable. If you are looking for a home you can flip or simply a rent to own home that costs less than neighboring towns, you are in luck. Most of the homes in Tamarac are under $200,000 and many are less than $100,000. Some good neighborhoods to start your search are City Center and Bayberry Lane.

Check out over 300 Tamarac, FL rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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14 Reasons to Live in Tamarac, FL

  • Renting is affordable, too. You can find homes for rent for under $900 per month in the Nob Hill Circle area. The average cost of rent in this town is $1,195, and there are a wide range of rent prices that will fit any budget. Another neighborhood to try for low rent would be Village Park.
  • Urban living at its finest. Tamarac has a population of 62,557, 100% of which is urban, so you don't need to worry about a realtor showing you a home in the country if you prefer urban living. There is no rural area here. Check out the Southgate Boulevard and North University Drive neighborhoods for the best of city convenience.
  • Your new home will probably appreciate in value. The average house value is $115,952, steadily rising since 2000, when the average home value was only $80,000. This is great news for those who see their new home as an investment. Houses along Rock Island Road and near Woodmont Country Club will be your best bet.
  • You can feel safe. Tamarac has a much lower crime rate than the national average (28 per 1,000). This may be because the town has around 87 full-time police officers that keep the peace. For even more safety, choose homes along Northwest 80th Avenue or Northwest 71st. These are near the local hospital.
  • You can feel toasty, too. If you hate cold weather, then Tamarac is the town for you. It usually never gets colder than 60 degrees. It also doesn't get warmer than 90 degrees, so you won't overheat, either. If you do get too warm, you can cool off at Caporella Aquatic Center or Hampton Pines Park.
  • You can be green here. If you like public transportation, Tamarac has you covered with three Amtrak train stations. There is one on 21st Street Terrance, one on Hillsboro Boulevard and one on Hollywood Boulevard.
  • There are a lot of shopping options. You can spend all day visiting each of the shopping centers. There is the Midway Plaza Shopping Center, Colony Center Shopping Center, Gardens Mall, Candlewood Square Shopping Center, Tamarac Square West Shopping Center, Oakland Shopping Center and the Woodmont Plaza Shopping Center. There are over 300 stores in Tamarac.
  • You can enjoy nature. Nature buffs will enjoy visits to the Versailles Gardens Condominium Associates Botanical Gardens or to the town's many parks, such as Sunset Point Park.
  • There are a variety of restaurants to meet every taste. From Chinese to barbecue, you can find it all in Tamarac. For example, you can get Peruvian cuisine at La Granja, Vietnamese at Pho Hoa Noodle Soup and hamburgers at the Char-Hut.
  • Waterfront property makes great scenery for your new home. You can find lakefront homes in the neighborhood of Hidden Harbour and homes by the canals near 103rd Avenue.
  • Healthy town. The obesity rate in Tamarac is lower than the state average. This may be due to the fact that there are plenty of places to exercise, such as the Tamarac Aquatic Center, the Tamarac Sports Complex and the many golf courses.
  • If you like rain, you'll love Tamarac. The town is number 13 on the top 101 cities with the highest average yearly precipitation list. It gets an average of 10 inches of rain in the month of June. Keep dry by visiting indoor places like the Tamarac Marketplace or the Kim and Lee Oriental Market.
  • Newer city. Tamarac was founded in 1960, making it fairly new compared to surrounding cities. This means newer government buildings and more organized city planning than you may experience with more historic towns. Mainlands of Tamarac By-the-Gulf is one of the town's most historic neighborhoods. The very first neighborhood in town was called Tamarac Lakes.
  • There are many places to take in the arts. The Tamarac Theatre of Performing Arts, which is over 25 years old, is heralded as one of South Florida's best play venues. Residents can also enjoy local art at the City of Plantation Historical Museum.