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  • Hinesville proudly claims the motto 'home for a day or for a lifetime,' and it's a fact that three signers of the Declaration of Independence took this motto to heart by calling the city home. They were the great framers of Liberty, and it just so happens that Hinesville is in Liberty County. This link may only be coincidental, but it will definitely make for great small talk with your new neighbors.

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Top 4 Reasons to Live in Hinesville, GA

  • Great overall home values! Even during the housing market meltdown, Hinesville managed to keep its head above water. Home value appreciation has consistently been higher than the national average over the past decade, and this is all while maintaining a property tax rate right in line with the nation's average. Anyone looking for rent to own homes should consider what these home valuations would mean after they own their home near Fort Stewart, Walmart or wherever else they may choose to rest their head.
  • Easy transportation to get anywhere! Hinesville is only about a 20 mile drive from Interstate 95, and the entirety of the Eastern seaboard is at your disposal when you live here. If you're looking to simply get around town, the Liberty Transit system provides public transit throughout Hinesville, Flemington and even the Fort Stewart Military Base.
  • Get back to nature! If there's one good thing about living in the south, it's got to be the ease in which a person can escape city clutter and get back to nature. Hinesville provides a variety of options for doing this, but why not just enjoy a few nights of camping to get the full effect? The Morgan Lake Wilderness Campground and RV Park is only minutes away, and for those who want to make a weekend of things, the campgrounds surrounding Savannah are only a short drive from the city.
  • Affordable living throughout city! Even with property values going up, Hinesville remains an inexpensive place to live. Its cost of living index is lower than the rest of Georgia and America in general, and much of these savings are due to the lower cost of staying in a home in the area. In fact, the cost of rent in the city has actually dropped more than four percent in just a year. Take these savings and enjoy some great barbecue at Sho Nuff Smokin' GOOD BBQ or quick Italian at That's Italian Pizza and Pasta.