Rent to Own Homes near Dolton, IL

  • Located immediately south of Chicago, Dolton is part of Cook County, Illinois. The village covers a land area of 4.68 square miles and according to the most recent census data has a population of 23,153 people. With a village motto of "A community Working Together", the area enjoys a tight-knit family like community. One of the most notable town features is the large water tower, which has the name "Dolton" written across it in large, blue lettering.

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7 Reasons to Live in Dolton, IL

  • Affordable rentals available! The average rental price in Dolton is right around the national average for apartments, which means finding a good rental property is definitely possible. If you are looking for the best amenities, Woodlawn Avenue houses a few apartment complexes at a reasonable price. On the other hand, the apartments along Cottage Grove typically are the lowest priced.
  • Very low real estate costs! Whether you are considering a rent to own home or simply searching out homes for sale in the city, Dolton has plenty to offer the new resident. The real estate costs are below the national average, resting at about $110,000. Chicago Rd/E 142nd Street offers some of the lowest priced options. If you are looking for something more, Greenwood Rd/E 154th Avenue is the place to check out.
  • Great place to stay active! If you live an active lifestyle, you will find that Dolton offers all of the support you need. Complete Cyclist is a great place to get what you need for your bike or to rent one for a nice day around town. If you're looking for a gym membership, the Melanie Fitness Center is a great option.
  • Enjoy local entertainment! There is always something entertaining around town in Dolton. The Jackpot Amusements hobby shop and arcade is a great place to spend a few hours and relax. If you're into pool, Corner Pocket Billiards is the perfect stop.
  • Get out at night! You'll never be disappointed with the nightlife in Dolton. Whether you check out Deja Vu, Mr. Ricky's, or one of the other local bars, you will find there are good prices and a great atmosphere.
  • Treat yourself and look your best! If you're hoping to maintain a certain image, places like Simple Beautiful Unisex Salon and P Nails Salon are both their to make sure you have what you need.
  • Taste the local cuisine! When it's time for a nice dinner, Jimmy's Famous Burgers and Wings is the place to go. The next morning for breakfast, many locals frequent Olivia's Restaurant.