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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Fort Campbell North

  • Welcome to your new life just a smidgen north of the Tennessee state line! Fort Campbell North is home to the majority of the population working at Fort Campbell Army Base, and this community works hard to make everyone feel right at home. This is a thriving community of just under 14,000 where there are plenty of activities, both indoors and out, to make sure you stay entertained.

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  • Fort Campbell North has a thriving real estate market. People move in and out of the area frequently making this a place where great rent to own homes and houses for rent are almost always available. The Texas and Gorgas areas are great places to look for rental properties with average rental prices around $900 and vacancy rates of about 5%.
  • Plenty of places to rent. If you are looking for rental property then this is the perfect place for you. Most people rent a home or apartment in this area and with the turnover rate being high, you can always find a great place to live. Start your search on Morgan Road or Carter Street for an average vacancy rate of 6% and rents in the $860 region.
  • Lots of dining choices. If you are looking for a great pub with even better food then you will have to stop in and visit the Black Horse Pub and Brewery for great burgers and the Sunshine Restaurant where you can get great German food.
  • Museums unique to the area. If you are a fan of military history then Fort Campbell North has just the museums for you. The Don F. Pratt Museum has a fantastic collection of historical artifacts for the 101st Airborne Division, as well as other displays including a history of air combat. A second museum, The Wings of Liberty Military Museum, is currently under construction and promises to be an extraordinary chronology of military aviation history.
  • Great places to hike. There are plenty of hiking trails for hikers of all skill levels, including the nearby Dunbar Cave Recovery Trail and Rotary Park Loop trail.
  • Fishing areas are easily accessible. You have a lot of choices here for hiking and fishing. There is The Land Between the Lakes which has incredible catfish and bass fishing. There is also the Fort Campbell Military Reservation where you can even land some trout!