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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Georgetown, KY

  • A rapidly-growing town in northern Kentucky, Georgetown was originally named Lebanon when it was founded in the late 1700s by Reverend Elijah Craig. In 1790, the town was renamed in honor of the first president of the United States, George Washington. Today, the community, considered part of the Lexington metro area, has grown mostly due to the auto-manufacturing plant that opened in the 1980s.

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  • The houses are young! Most homes in Georgetown, such as those in the aptly-named Newtown neighborhood, are less than 20 years old, which is considerably younger than the national average age of 37 years. Considerably older houses can be found in the part of the downtown area known as the Oxford Historic District. This neighborhood has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1979 and is known for its Late Victorian and Greek Revival style homes.
  • Stretching real estate dollars! Georgetown is blessed with not only low property rates, but a lower-than-average median home price. Homes sold on average are $148,900 compared to the national average of $170,100. Property tax rates in Georgetown are about half of the national average, which is helpful in more sought-after communities like Delaplain and White Sulphur.
  • History is all around! In the mid-1800s, the Sisters of Visitation ran a girl's academy known as Cardome Centre. Today, the building serves as the city's community center. The majestic Ward Hall, a Greek Revival mansion on the outskirts of town was the summer home of Junius Ward, a member of a powerful antebellum-era political family. It has been preserved as a cultural center.
  • Equestrian heaven! Known as the "gateway to the Kentucky Horse Park," Georgetown has plenty of horse-related activities to keep the most devoted equestrian busy. The Horse Park is an educational theme park dedicated to celebrating horses, with a museum, walking farm tour, Hall of Champions and riding trails. Take an organized tour of area farms or experience all things horsey at the Festival of the Horse. Held in the fall, the annual event includes a carnival, chili cook-off, parade of horses and live entertainment.
  • A walk in the park! Many of Georgetown's neighborhoods have a mixture of owned and rent to own homes. One of these neighborhoods, Indian Hills, is close to the parks of Georgetown, such as the Robert Lonnie Suffoletta Memorial Park and Yuko-En on the Elkhorn. The six-acre community Japanese garden has arched bridges, a Zen rock garden and waterfalls perfect for an afternoon stroll. It's located along the Elkhorn Creek, a popular spot for canoeing and fishing for small mouth bass.
  • Artful barns! Georgetown's Barn Quilt Trail is a unique look into the area's culture. Barns, fences and yards found along the city's country roads are adorned with quilt squares of different styles. These wood squares - most are about 8 by 4 feet - are works of art waiting to be discovered around the road's bend. In town, the Arts on Main is a group of 15 local artists who display their creations in various media downtown on Main Street.