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5 Reasons to Live in Madisonville, KY

  • Madisonville is a small town located in the western part of the state. The city is home to about 19,500 people, and it has a rich history. Founded in 1807, Madisonville was greatly affected by the Civil War, which split its residents into supporters of the Union and Confederacy. Today, the town is the location of a thriving community of people with a wide range of jobs and interests. It's even the original hometown of notable residents like professional wrestler Leva Bates and gospel singer Dottie Rambo.

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  • Desirable living! There is a relatively low vacancy rate in Madisonville of about 7 percent. This means that while it can be challenging to find a spot to live, it is also a desirable place to live that people like to move to and stay in. If you need a place while you're finding a more permanent place to own or rent to own, try a local hotel like the Ruby Lodge at Spring Lake Woods or the James Madison Inn.
  • Delicious dining! The eating is great in Madisonville, since there are a plethora of restaurants to get great meals at. One of the most popular in the area is Dave's Sticky Pig, an outstanding BBQ joint. For something a bit more exotic, try Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant, which serves up delectable Mexican food in a festive setting.
  • Affordable renting! Renting is very affordable in the area, with studios renting for an average of $438 per month and one bedrooms renting for an average of $440 per month. If you want a rental home near waterfront views, try renting near Lake Peewee or City Park.
  • Activities abound! Anyone who likes to stay active and busy will find no shortage of places to do so in Madisonville. The Madisonville YMCA is a great place to exercise or take part in community events. Those interested in martial arts will find great classes and facilities at local martial arts institution Myers Martial Arts.
  • Drinking fun! Blackwell's Diner and Sports Bar is one of locals' favorite places to watch a game and drink a beer. One of the other most popular bars in town is called the Crowded House, which serves cocktails, beers, and delicious pub fare.