Rent to Own Homes near Attleboro, MA

  • Better state values. The median value of a home in Attleboro is $241,400, which is far lower than the Massachusetts median, which runs $314,700. These numbers represent the estimated price of all residences in the area, including those for sale, not on the market, and rent to own.

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Top 9 Reasons to Live in Attleboro

  • Appreciating art. The Attleboro Arts Museum exhibits works from both well known professionals and emerging locals in the "visual, performing and language arts." In its commitment to educate the public, it also sponsors several classes in painting, ceramics, and other visual arts for children to adults.
  • Upward trend. After reaching a low in early 2012, Attleboro real estate values continue their trend upward, reaching 5.7% in the past year. The rise should continue next year to a predicted increase of 2.4%.
  • Eating local. Not only is the Colonel Blackinton Inn a bed and breakfast with one of a kind rooms, it's also a highly rated restaurant that serves a 32 ounce prime rib and a baked stuffed lobster weighing almost three pounds. On the opposite end of the decor and atmosphere scale, Tex Barry's Coney Island Diner is a local landmark that serves deliciously greasy hot dogs. To get back on the nutrition wagon, shop for fresh produce at the Attleboro Famers Market, held on Saturdays from June to October.
  • Waiting for the best buy. About 39.2% of Attleboro listings receive a price cut with 57.6% eventually selling for below the original. Waiting to buy in the city pays off slightly better than in Massachusetts, where 32% of listings go down and 49.5% sell for under the original.
  • Learning about work. For a history of the city's industrial past, check out the Attleboro Area Industrial Museum, where you'll find machinery, artifacts, photos, and documents. The Women at Work Museum explores how women have served in business, government, education, science, and culture.
  • Lower rents. After peaking to near $1,400 per month, rents in Attleboro have dropped to a median $1,000. This gives you more leverage in negotiating the terms of a rent to own home. (In metropolitan Providence, the median rent is $1,170.)
  • Highlighting history. The Attleboro Historical Commission identifies, preserves, and protects the city's past, which dates back to 1634. Among the 47 properties that it describes in the Historical Site Guide are the Capron House, built in 1740; Hillside Cemetery, final resting place of many city notables; and the Hebronville Mill Historic District, which includes a riverside cotton mill from 1816.
  • Going below list. The median list price in Attleboro is $229,900. However, the median sale price is slightly lower at $227,700. Ask a local real estate agent if any properties consist of a rent to own house.