Rent to Own Homes near Medford, MA

  • There's always something happening in town! If you are planning to rent a home in Medford, it is really easy to integrate and meet the neighbors. Just pick up a welcome pack and take a look at the associations and clubs that you can join in the city center or North Medford. Soon you'll be meeting new friends for coffee at Mystic Coffee Roaster or Bestsellers Cafe on Medford Square.

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12 Reasons to Live in Medford, MA

  • Now is the time to buy! Prices dipped for a while in Medford, but they're on the up now so it is time to check out the rent to own houses in Somerville and Malden. You can find things to decorate your new home at nearby Didriks or CKS Furniture.
  • Boston is just a short drive away! There are lots of things to do in Medford, but you get to live close to all the amenities that Boston has while enjoying good rental prices. This means that after a short drive, you can walk the Freedom Trail or check out the Museum of Fine Arts.
  • There's a wide range of housing! In Medford, you will find a home to suit your needs, whether it is a historic townhouse or a sleek apartment. Either way, Medford has variety, and places like Winchester or Peabody are worth looking at. Check out the places to eat around here, too, like Lantana Cafe or Salvatore's.
  • Beautiful parks and open spaces! Medford has 21 parks including Carr Park and Cummings Park. There are also lakes so you'll enjoy the outdoors. Get some new outdoor gear at Eastern Mountain Sports or Maynard Outdoor.
  • You'll get to know the neighbors! Over half of Medford's residents have lived there longer than five years. Whether you go for a rent to own home in Stoneham or Malden, you'll get to know people fast.
  • Medford will always be wanted! People are always looking to move to Massachusetts and the town is in demand as a place to live. That means your apartment on South Medford or Wellington will keep its value. Enjoy living here by skating at Flynn Rink or ski at Blue Hills.
  • So much good food! There are great delis all over town, from Glenwood to West Medford. Visit the farmers market or go to Medford Deli to get a taste.
  • Life is Mystic! With some beautiful walks and outdoor activities along the Mystic River and places to eat on Mystic Avenue - including Avellino's and Raso's Bar - you'll enjoy taking the mystery out of Medford and making it home.
  • Good rental values! The great news about Medford is that there is a variety of apartment sizes for rent, as well as cheaper rent to own homes compared to other places in Massachusetts. You'll find good places in Downtown Medford and Wellington, leaving you enough cash to eat at Bistro 5 or Yoki.
  • The Green Line Extension! Medford has a station on the Green Line to Boston, making a visit there faster than you think. That gives you more time to spend at Chevalier Theatre or dine at Hillside Cafe.
  • Community resources! Medford has some great community spirit, which can be seen in the public library and also the Medford Historical Society.