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Top 9 Reasons to Live in Pittsfield

  • Shopping for homes and accessories made easy: Heading over to enjoy a day of shopping at the Big Y Shopping Center on West Street and the Allendale Shopping Center on Cheshire Road is easy to afford when you realize the estimated median price for homes and condos is only $173,941.

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  • Rental rates so low you can afford to eat out more: If you seek for a place that lets you free up more of your earning, then Pittsfield if your place. With a median gross rental rate of only $743, that leftover cash means enjoying some Japanese fare at Shiro Lounge is not only affordable but, highly recommended. For those who wish to be treated to the feel of a home cooked meal, Misty Moonlight Diner is a resident favorite. There are also various fast food establishments if you need to eat in a hurry. If you would rather enjoy a nice, sit down meal, Mazzeo's Ristorante is an exquisite choice.
  • Lots of apartments in the area: Rent to own houses and rent to own apartments in Pittsfield can be found from scenic to luxurious. Silk Mill Apartments on Spring Street is a great choice, as is Riverview Homes on West Street. Regardless of your budget, these apartments complexes will beckon you to call Pittsfield home.
  • Neighborhoods in Pittsfield: Churchill, Blythewood, and Tor Court are three neighborhoods with Pittsfield that are all close to the downtown district and all have their own unique charm. Nightlife in Pittsfield is great, as the downtown strip has a little something for every taste and budget.
  • History of Pittsfield: The area in what is now known as Pittsfield was originally the land of the Mohican Native Americans, who were an Algonquin people. The area was originally called Pontoosuc, in homage to the Mohican word for a field in which deer may forage.
  • Career Opportunities in Pittsfield: BerkshireWorks is a locally affiliated office developing opportunities for residents to find gainful employment. Located at 160 North Street, BerkshireWorks functions as a temp to hire agency and can help residents find various office, factory, and related employment.
  • Nearby Cities and Commuting: The cities of Holyoke and Amherst, Massachusetts, as well as Albany, New York are all about a forty minute drive from Pittsfield. Commuting is relatively simple between cities, and the short commute makes for increased job prospects and more entertainment choices, as well.
  • Weather: Winters in Pittsfield are relatively cold, with lows dropping into the low teens, while summers are comfortable with highs that rarely surpass 85 degrees. In the summer when it is warm, cooling off is a breeze at one of the local lakes, such as Onoka Lake or Pontoosuc Lake, once again named after the Mohican term.
  • Parks in Pittsfield: Burbank Park and Pittsfield State Forest both make for excellent woodsy time, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Swimming and other activities will help you relax and unwind while you revel in the quiet of the great outdoors.