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  • With so many great features, it is easy to understand why finding a home in Quincy takes some effort. The vacancy rate is only 3 percent. Homes are primarily owner occupied - approximately 58.9 percent - and the remaining rental units and rent to own homes have a wide variety of tenants, including students, families, and people from every part of the world. If you are in the market to buy, the time is right. The median sales price over the past year was $331,000, which is an increase of 14.5% over the same period the year before. That means Quincy is on the road to recovering from the economic events of the last five years, but prices are still appealing.

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  • Quincy's Tourist DestinationsThe Adams National Historic Park is the first place to take your out of town visitors. Touring the small home where John Adams was born is a step back in time, and it is especially interesting to compare that with the nearby Peacefield mansion, the substitute White House where both Presidents spent their summers. The United First Parish Church offers a look at the crypt where the Adams family is buried. Those that want an in-depth look at Quincy's history can find all of the details at the Quincy History Museum, built in the former Adams Academy - a boys' school founded by John Adams.
  • Quincy's Public Schools The Quincy Public School System offers education opportunities for students from preschool through high school. It consists of eleven elementary schools, five middle schools, two high schools, and one early childhood education center, which is notable because it is one of just a handful of public preschools in the state. Quincy is also unique in that it offers extensive summer programming for students, including the following:
  • Quincy's NeighborhoodsThere are eleven distinct neighborhoods in Quincy, and like everything about the area, there is a long history in the development of each. Some were created based on the landscape - for example, some grew around the water when water was a critical part of commerce. Others are so geographically isolated that they didn't attract residents until much later. Adams Shore is very close to Quincy's beaches, and Quincy Point was originally settled due to its proximity to the shipyard. Germantown was named for the many German workers that came to work in the shipbuilding industry, and today it is the most affordable place to live in the city. One of the most popular neighborhoods is Merrymount, where the Adams family first purchased land and founded what would later become the city of Quincy. This area features lovely homes from the first half of the 20th century, most of which enjoy stunning views of the water and marshlands.