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Top 11 Reasons to Live in Revere

  • Delectable Food! Enjoy some nice, juicy beef near the ocean at Kelly's Roast Beef. The restaurant is a staple in the community. Another restaurant near the beach is Antonia's at the Beach Restaurant and Bar. Enjoy some of the best Italian food in the city at this popular place.

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  • Life in Revere! Just over 50,000 residents live in this Northeastern city. This makes it a great place to make friends -- a small community with a big city feel. Check out community gathering spots like the YMCA on Bremen St. or the Charlestown Community Center.
  • Deep history! One thing that may come to mind when hearing Revere is Paul Revere, after whom the city is named. The area was first home to the Pawtucket Tribe, which is part of the Rumney Marsh Indians.The first battle for the Navy during the American Revolution took place in Revere. The Revere Beach is the oldest beach in the country.
  • Affordable housing! The average cost of a home is $210,000 in Revere. About 50% of the residents own their homes, and the average mortgage is $2,000 per month. Most homes are fairly old at 50+ years old. Most of the homes are single-unit homes. The average price of rent is $950 per month. If you're looking for a house, start in places like Franklin Park or Beachmont.
  • Historic attractions! There are eight landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Revere. The Church of Christ building was built in 1888. The Immaculate Conception Rectory was built in 1901.
  • Great neighborhoods! A couple of more popular beach neighborhoods are Crescent beach and Beachmont. Oak Island is also a nice area. Look for homes to rent, purchase or rent to own. Want to rent an apartment? Expect to pay about $1,150 for a one bedroom, on average.
  • Famous cultural attractions! The Wonderland Park is a historic area that at one time was home to a greyhound racing track until it was banned in 2009. A must see is the very popular Paul Revere home where there are many collectibles and historic items on display.
  • Outdoor attractions! No one can pass up the Revere Beach. Not only is it the oldest beach but there are amusement rides, and great food and fun to enjoy here. For a trip into the wilderness, visit the Boston Harbor Islands. Here you will see historic forts, beautiful scenes of nature along the trails, and magnificent lighthouses.
  • Enjoy nature! The Belle Isle Marsh is a reservation site where a number of plants and wildlife are on exhibit. For a beautiful scenic view of nature, visit the Arnold Arboretum and Jamaica Plain area.
  • Great vacancy rate! The split between homeowners and residents who rent are 50/50. This allows a higher vacancy rate at 7% for homes. This means it's a great place to find rental apartments or rent to own houses. For open homes, check out Point of Pines or Revere City Center.
  • Home values are up! Most of the popular neighborhoods have experienced an increase in home values of over 20%. You can find awesome rent to own homes that are in great neighborhoods. Want to live near water? Look for homes near the Broad Sound or Chelsea River.