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Top 5 Reasons to Live in Carney, MD

  • A suburb of Baltimore City and centrally located to several thriving local areas, Carney, MD is a highly desirable location with a growing population of 27,589. The area acts as a living legacy to the American dream, named after an Irish immigrant, one Thomas Carney. Many local businesses carry on the name, and this community continues to grow, in part due to easy commuting to local cities using I-83 or I-95.

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  • An array of housing options! Many areas have very limited housing options, with neighborhoods full of either standalone homes or row homes, but Carney offers a nice mix of both. Properties range in price from $70,000 to upwards of $500,000. Search along Forest Valley Road and Lochwell Court for rent to own homes that offer expansive square footage and more than four bedrooms.
  • Wander through museums! Locals enjoy a number of world class museums, including the Walters Art Gallery and The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum. The Walters Art Gallery displays works by the historic masters from all over the world with a collection that spans the ages from ancient Greece to modern America. The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum pays homage to famous African-Americans, displaying life-sized tableaus made from wax. Some wax creations are so lifelike, you might find yourself waiting in line for the water fountain!
  • Visit one-of-a-kind attractions! Carney has quick access to amazing destinations like the National Aquarium and Bengie's Drive-In Theater. The National Aquarium is full of sea life and interactive demonstrations. Feed the sharks, watch the dolphins and experience a 4D movie about the deep! At Bengie's, take a step back into the past with a modern twist. As one of America's oldest and largest drive-in theaters still in operation, it is an opportunity to catch a great movie at an iconic spot.
  • Find affordable housing! Carney has some surprisingly affordable housing options. For house hunters looking for a bargain priced below $200K, start looking in neighborhoods around Summit Ave., or in Dendron Court with many two-bedroom home options.
  • Chock full of shopping opportunities! With Towson Town Center and White Marsh Mall within a 10-minute drive, locals enjoy plenty of shopping opportunities. Both malls have a combination of top-notch big box stores and local boutiques. In the immediate area there are several grocery stores including a Safeway and Mars, along with the Carney Village Shopping Center.