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  • Fan of scary movies? Then you might be interested to know that the woods of western Frederick County were the setting for the Blair Witch Project. There's nothing scary about Frederick, Maryland, itself though - unless you're frightened of old buildings. The Schifferstadt is perhaps the oldest, dating all the way back to 1756 and built by one of the original German settlers Joseph Brunner. Rather fittingly, today it acts as the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum, helping to educate visitors about the history of the local area and its buildings.

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  • Housing Statistics 53% of residential properties in Frederick are owned while 39% are rented (this includes rent to own homes) and 8% are vacant, while the residential turnover rate is 21%. Meanwhile, the average sales price for a house fell from $273,000 in Q4 2011 to $268,000 in Q4 2012, while the average median price declined from $251,000 to $240,000 over that same period.
  • Local Sports Baseball fans are well served in the city with two teams to support - the Frederick Keys and the Frederick Flying Dogs. The Keys are a minor league team who play their home games at the Harry Grove Stadium . They also have a great coyote mascot rather ingeniously called Keyote. The Flying Dogs, on the other hand, are a team of amateurs made up of old college players and former pros. For something completely different, why not throw yourself behind the local rugby team - or maybe get involved and throw yourself into it? The team is always looking for new members, and they even welcome people who don't know their hooker from their fly half.
  • Transport and Commutes 6.77% of Frederick residents take public transport to work, which is higher than the national average but still almost 2% less than the rest of Maryland. However, the mean travel time to work is also higher than the national average at just over 29 minutes. The city is also served well by commuter rail and coach services, helping link Frederick's different neighborhoods, as well providing transport to neighboring cities.
  • Local Restaurants Affordable dining is easily found in downtown Frederick. On Patrick Street alone, there's Sumittra, which serves classic Thai dishes, or Clay Oven, an authentic Indian restaurant that can please the most sensitive tastebuds. Meanwhile, Volt is slightly costlier, but most would agree that signature dishes like their goat cheese ravioli more than warrant the price.
  • Outdoor Activities The 44-acre Baker Park is a great place to spend a day outdoors, with several different playgrounds for children of all ages and a public swimming pool for cooling down on warm summer days. You can also reserve the tennis courts and baseball fields, so you can ace and home run your way through evenings and weekends. If your sport of choice is soccer or basketball, on the other hand, your interests are well served at the Centerville Recreation Center.