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Top 6 Reasons to Move to Laurel, MD

  • Located between Baltimore and Washington D.C., Laurel was once home to mill workers who took advantage of the city's proximity to the Patuxent River. Once the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was forged, Laurel transformed into a popular destination for residents who commuted to work in Baltimore or the nation's capital. Today, Laurel offers residents easy access to both metropolises in a city that blends contemporary accouterments with a quaint nod toward an industrious past.

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  • Ample rentals! While the mean rental price in Laurel is $1,266, Snow Hill Manor, Fox Rest Woods and Briarwood all have average rents under $1,100 a month. Rent to own homes are often a few hundred dollars a month above average.
  • Shopping outlets! Laurel's shopping outlets afford residents and visitors a wide array of choices for an equally expansive range of items and services. Several shopping malls and centers are situated around town, including Laurel Shopping Center and Laurel Centre Mall Shopping Center, to make everything from grabbing groceries to furniture shopping a breeze. The Dutch Country Farmer's Market is also open each Thursday to Saturday afternoon.
  • Affordable real estate near Baltimore and D.C.! What was once the calling card of Laurel, the city's equal distance between Baltimore and Washington D.C. makes for a convenient locale. Oftentimes, residents will find having the option for working or attending school in either Baltimore or D.C. makes Laurel the perfect community for straddling commitments. With a medium home value of $231,491, Laurel provides an affordable alternative to city living. The city also has ample amenities; for instance, XP Lasersport and Royal Flush both offer entertainment options close to home.
  • The arts! The Laurel Mill Playhouse is a treasure of culture located in the heart of the city where residents can expect to enjoy performances from the area's most talented actors and musicians. For over 35 years, Laurel Mill Playhouse has brought award-winning theater productions to the community. The Laurel Branch of Prince George's County Memorial Library also hosts several art events throughout the year.
  • Fitness opportunities! Throughout the community, Laurel offers a slew of fitness options for residents to burn calories, enjoy a friendly or spirited athletic contest or seek their own flavor of overall wellness. From the Laurel Municipal Center and Laurel Pines Country Club to Bear Branch Stream, Laurel has the environment to fit a bevy of interests.
  • Expanding development! Along with the rich historical representation found throughout the city, Laurel offers a forward-moving atmosphere of community development. Most recently, the brand new Towne Center at Laurel, a $130 million shopping center, has opened to raving success. The center offers everything from shopping to cinemas, as well as urban housing developments that put residents in the middle of all the state-of-the-art attractions. New housing can also be found in the Contee, Oak Crest and Montpelier neighborhoods.