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Top 7 Reasons to Live in Montgomery Village

  • Whether you are new to the D.C. metro area or have lived there your whole life, Montgomery Village is a community that has a lot to offer. This beautiful village is located close to metropolitan living, but sheltered from the city, making it a wonderful place to raise a family. Montgomery Village has great amenities, beautiful green space and rising real estate values.

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  • Rising median home values! Montgomery Village has median home values that are similar to the state of Maryland's, which is higher than the national average. In 2000 the median real estate value in the community was only about $140,000, but today the median real estate value is just over $278,000. This means Montgomery Village is an excellent place to invest in real estate that is growing in value. Find a house for sale along Crested Iris Drive or in the neighborhood of Forest View Place.
  • Great rent to own opportunities! The community is also an excellent area to find opportunities to rent to own. With a median gross rent of $1,411, Montgomery VIllage is affordable for the majority of professionals who work in the D.C. metro area. This is an excellent way to obtain a property in one of the best communities in Maryland! Find a house for rent around Broadwater Drive or around Yankee Harbor Place.
  • Close to several metro areas! Located just outside Gaithersburg, Montgomery Village is conveniently close to several major metro areas, including D.C. and Baltimore. This makes it an excellent community for professionals who commute to any of these areas. The MCDOT is just one transportation option that Montgomery Village has to offer. Per the Montgomery County Department of Transportation website, the Metrorail and the Metrobus are two other options around Montgomery Village.
  • Wonderful dining! Montgomery Village is home to a wide variety of outstanding restaurants that cater to every palette, including Thai House Restaurant, Athens Grill, Tortacos and Paradise Biryani Pointe. Whatever cuisine you prefer, you can probably find it here.
  • Beautiful parks and recreational opportunities! There are over a dozen parks in the Montgomery Village area, including Centerway Park. South Valley Park is located near beautiful Lake Whetstone, where residents can go boating or simply relax on the shore.
  • Enjoy the nightlife! For a night out, residents can also stop by the Village Cafe or O'Malleys Pub.
  • All your shopping needs! Hit the nearby Trader Joe's or Global Food Inc. when you run out of your favorite treat. If you're looking for a specialty item there's the Africana International Market on Rothbury Drive.