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Top 4 Reasons to Move to Olney

  • Olney ranked Number 17 in Money Magazine's "America's Best Places To Live" edition. It also ranked as one of their "Top-earning towns." The two of these combined mean that residents enjoy a super high quality of life here. Finding a house in Olney means you can spend all that money you're earning on fine goods and wares at some of the great shopping locations, like the Fair Hill Plaza or the Westfield Wheaton shopping malls. Plus, you get to enjoy easy access to the D.C. Metro area, which is just 20 minutes away.

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  • Home values are rising! Home values in Olney have appreciated 7 percent in the last year. That means that looking for a property here is a great investment in your future! You can choose to live in a neighborhood on the east side of town near The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring and the Northwest Golf Course where it's relaxing and peaceful or head toward the center of town to be closer to the action.
  • Rich with history! Olney has a strong tie to its cultural past. The historic Olney Ale House is still open and running on the east side of town. You can also visit both the Sandy Spring Museum and Woodlawn Manor Living History Museum if you want to learn a little more about the town you're planning to move to! The town was first called Mechanicsville, but was then settled at Olney in 1800. It began as mostly farmlands, but started attracting wealthy merchants and artisans later in the 1800s.
  • Beautiful setting! Residents love to gush about how beautiful Olney is and they are right! The area is a mix of sprawling green parks, like the Rachel Carson Conservation Park, winding roads lined with beautiful historic houses, manicured lawns, and a lot of wide open space. It's a beautiful place to spend a day strolling from park to park or heading out for a classy dinner at GrillMarX or one of the many other delicious food options nearby.
  • Flourishing population! Olney's popularity just keeps growing. Folks here love the city because it's accessible and friendly, yet still provides the kind of entertainment and culture that usually only larger cities do. Check out the Olney Theatre for wonderful musical and theatrical productions. The school system is also a big draw, and Olney even has five private elementary schools. No matter whether you're looking for a rent to own home or want to put down the cash and buy right away, you won't be disappointed with deciding to settle here.