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7 Reasons to Live in Perry Hall, MD

  • Situated in Baltimore County, Maryland, Perry Hall is an unincorporated community that prides itself in independence. The community covers a land area of 7 square miles and has a population of just over 28,000 residents. The community is mostly steered by the Perry Hall Improvement association, an old civic organization first established in 1945 that works to build up the local community and help grow the area both economically and socially.

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  • Affordable real estate market! Currently, the Perry Hall real estate market is favoring buyers. The price of homes for sale is below the Maryland average, which makes it a prime time to buy property. The Schroeder Avenue neighborhood is one place to explore if you're looking to buy. Kahlston Road is another great area where you can find some rent to own homes on the market as well.
  • Reasonably priced rentals available! The city also has some homes for rent in the area at a reasonable price. Should you be more interested in apartments, there are nice complexes around town as well. The Fox Hall Apartments is one great option to explore. If you want some more options, The Crossings at White Marsh is another good place to check out.
  • Become part of a close community! The community of Perry Hall has a lot of support from the local Perry Hall Improvement Association. Through their efforts, work was put into Perry Hall Mansion and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Additionally, they hold regular events for the local community, such as the Annual Halloween Parade.
  • Get some fresh air! There are plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and simply enjoy the fresh air in Perry Hall. Honeygo Regional Park is one place to look at if you want to go for a hike. If you have a dog, the Perry Paw Dog Park is the place to go.
  • Stay out late! If you're looking to grab some drinks at night, Lib's Grill has a nice cocktail bar with great prices. Bill Bateman's Bistro is another option, offering a welcoming sports bar for the locals.
  • Taste the local cuisine! Naturally, a small community like this has its fair share of great restaurants. R&R Taqueria is one great option if you're looking for something spicy. Bombay Nights is another local favorite, offering something a bit more exotic.
  • Maintain an active lifestyle! If you're looking to stay in shape, you may want to get a membership at Brick Bodies Perry Hall. Alternatively, Perry Hall CrossFit is a great way to stay in shape as well.