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5 Reasons to Live in South Laurel, MD

  • South Laurel is a small community that is primarily residential. Positioned almost exactly halfway between Baltimore and Washington, with the Baltimore-Washington Parkway going straight through town, it is convenient for people who might want to commute throughout the region. It is in a temperate, four-season climate with summers that are hot and humid, and winters that can be cold.

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  • Step into history! A National Historic Landmark, the Montpelier Mansion is located right in the middle of South Laurel. It's open every day for tours, whether guided by a docent or self-guided. It's also home to festivities throughout the year, including live music and holiday programs, and is even available to rent for events. If you want to go even further back into history, check out Dinosaur Park, one of the most important dinosaur fossil sites on the east coast.
  • Plenty of housing variety! With a great mix of housing types, South Laurel has plenty of buying, renting, or rent to own options. There's an even mix of apartments such as Foxfire town homes in the Tuscany Drive area, and small to medium-sized single family houses at developments such as Oaklands. These properties also run the gamut from older, established buildings to brand new constructions featuring the latest features.
  • Plenty of green space! There are plenty of parks within South Laurel, including Patuxent River, Holly, and Kiama parks - great for enjoying a day out, a picnic, or a round of Frisbee. The National Wildlife Visitor Center for the Patuxent Research Refuge, a wildlife preserve centered around breeding birds, is moments away. If you prefer making birdies to watching birdies, Patuxent Greens Golf Club is at the northern end of town.
  • Stable market! With a vacancy rate hovering in the 6.5-7 percent range, there are always open units, but there is also always a high level of demand. Montpelier Crossing apartments and Cherry Branch Townhouses are popular entry points for many residents, whether they are looking for rental houses or to buy.
  • Arts and events! Events such as the Main Street Festival in May and October's RiverFest have something for everyone, including auto shows, artisans, live music, and more. Even when the winter chill sets in, there is something to do, with performances at the Venus Theatre and the Laurel Mill Playhouse throughout the season.