Rent to Own Homes near Apple Valley, MN

  • Location: Apple Valley, Minnesota is a northwestern Dakota County suburb of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis / St. Paul. According to the 2010 United States Census Bureau, the city's population was 49,084. Its territorial area encompasses 17.57 square miles. There are great parks to live by in town; check out homes near Belmont Park or Farquar Park.

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Apple Valley, MN

  • Modes of Transportation: The close proximity to the Twin Cities enable Apple Valley to be conveniently reached via the world-class Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. Both extensive national and international arrivals and departures make a town like Apple Valley accessible from virtually anywhere in the world. Bus, rail and auto transportation, typical of any large, thriving city and its suburbs, are the surface modes of transportation in and around Apple Valley. Check out the Victorville Victor Valley Transit Center for the train or the VVTA to hop on the bus.
  • Properties for Rent: An adequate mix of rentals and rent to own homes can be found if properly searched in the Apple Valley area. Online sources are good examples of up-to-date available listings. Local newspapers, neighborhood publications and area real estate broker offices are other recommended beginning points to find a rental to your liking. Want to rent? You'll be in good company; about 19% of people rent. Check out neighborhoods like Cedar Ave. or Diamond Path.
  • Shopping: All forms of shopping abound in Apple Valley. Small boutiques, local vendor shops and large national retailers are located in the area. Examples of the latter category are Wal-Mart, Target and Kohl's.
  • Optional Forms of Houses for Sale: If you're considering renting a home in the greater Apple Valley community, consider a popular recent trend of finding rent to own deals. Many online and local real estate agency list rent to own houses. If you like to eat great food near where you live, you can do it here. Try restaurants like Rascal's and Old Chicago.
  • Dining Out: There are more than 65 restaurants and fast food restaurants listed online for Apple Valley. Two of the more highly rated local eateries are Vivo Kitchen, where you'll find Italian / American mixed cuisine and Rascal's, a local neighborhood establishment with good food and decent pricing.
  • Taking Advantage of Low Rates: Nationally, home mortgage interest rates are at, or about, historic lows. Banks in Apple Valley are lending to qualified applicants seeking homes to purchase or a home property to buy after a successful rent to own arrangement has run its course. About 76% of people in town own their homes. If you do, you can meet your neighbors at town gathering spots like Findlay Park and Wallace Park.
  • Great nightlife: Nightlife is great in Apple Valley; you can have lots of things to do after the sun goes down. If you like to dance, Babe's Music Bar is a great place to do it. Bogart's place is a great place to get a beer.
  • Property Tax Rate: Annual property tax rates on a recently purchased home depend upon the new value assessment issued by the Dakota County Tax Assessor upon completion of the purchase transaction. The good news for prospective home buyers in Dakota County is that an online claim states that Dakota has the lowest property tax rate compared to all other 87 counties in Minnesota. The average tax rate in town is about 8%. If you want to deck out your new home, check out Jess Ranch Marketplace or Midway Home Solutions.
  • Medical Treatment : A more than ample supply of doctors, special treatment centers and hospitals flourish in the area. Apple Valley Medical Center and the Institute for Athletic Medicine - Apple Valley are two examples.