Rent to Own Homes near Lakeville, MN

  • Steady Real Estate Market: From 2013 to 2014, home values in Lakeville have increased by 5.8%. Over the past 5 years, prices have gone up a total of 4%. For someone considering rent to own houses in Lakeville, the stability of this market's a strong selling point. Bonus if you can find a place near Harry's Cafe or the Chart House to get some of the famous local grub the city prides itself on!

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11 Reasons to Live in Lakeville

  • Property Taxes are Reasonable: Property taxes aren't going to be too taxing on your budget here in Lakeville. You can use the money you save to shop or decorate your home with goods from the nearby Super Target or the Mills Fleet Farm.
  • Solid Economic Prospects: With unemployment sitting at 4.20%, Lakeville's unemployment rate is lower than the national average. Future job growth is at 35.22%, also above the average. Good news all around. There are a number of big employers in the city, including the Airlake Airport and the Lakeville School System.
  • Listing Prices Going Down, While Listings Go Up: The listing prices for Lakeville homes have dropped from 387,000 to 377,000 from February 12, 2014 to March 5, 2014. While all this was going on, however, the amount of daily listings have gone up from 201 to 212 during the same period. This seems like an ideal time to pick up a great home at an even better price. Argonne and Antler's Park are two great areas to start looking for rent to own homes in Lakeville!
  • Very High Ownership Rates and Very Low Vacancy Rates: Ownership rates in Lakeville are at an incredibly high 83.94%. Meanwhile the vacancy rate is a low 4.16%. This is good in that rent to own agreements can likely be arranged in some cases, but you'll have to move quickly since the city may be filling up. Check out Deer Park and the area around Dodd Boulevard for both rental and for sale vacancies!
  • Explore Your Artistic Side: The Lakeville Area Arts Center is more than just another theatre. It's an active part of the community. Case in point, this is the place where a "Taste of Lakeville" is held every year. Besides allowing people to enjoy the work of talented artists in exhibits, the center also offers artistically inclined workshops to the public in areas like photography and drama.
  • Pick a Beach...Any Beach: Lakeville is home to three beaches. Antlers Park Beach, Orchard Lake Beach, and Valley Lake Beach, which offer volleyball, fishing, picnics and restaurants.
  • The Mini-Zoo: With Fur-Ever Wild Wolves and Woods, animal lovers get to take photos and ask questions during a guided tour. Afterwards, grab a bite to eat at Redfox, Tavern, Rudy's Redeye Grill or Buckboard, which are all a short drive away.
  • The Food: The classy layout and the excellent food that characterize Porterhouse Steak and Seafood have made it a favorite with residents and visitors alike. For a quick bite to eat, check out Baldy's BBQ's, which offers generous portions, or Harry's Cafe, which serves up a plate of hot food in a snap.
  • Fun Activities: Lakeville Arenas offers basic figure skating courses. It has a spring and summer program for those who are discovering the fun of skating. Meanwhile dance classes for adults are available at the Lakeville Heritage Center for those who are so inclined.
  • Are You a Golf Aficionado: Lakeville provides golf enthusiasts with three interesting courses to choose from. Crystal Lake Golf Club has an expanded range, Heritage Links Golf Club has a flexible championship course and Brackett's Crossing Country Club was formerly voted the "Golf Course of the Year."