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Top 3 Reasons to Live in Moorhead, MN

  • Living in Minnesota is exciting for a lot of reasons. Residents often forget that they're so close to the big city of Fargo because Moorhead has so many of its own attractions; the dining options are definitely one of the top. The community is filled with great restaurants, like Altony's Italian Cafe and Wine Bar, where you can indulge in their world-class spaghetti and meatballs. Head over to the Riverfront Park, where the Minnesota and North Dakota borders meet up and you'll get a sense of the expansive land and pristine quiet the area has to offer. It's an affordable small town with the dining, arts and entertainment of a city three times its size.

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  • Arts and Culture! The town has plenty to offer in the way of arts and culture! There's the Rourke Art Gallery and Rourke Art Museum, which hosts the annual Midwestern Invitational Exhibition. They also feature a wide collection of local and national artists. The Blue Stem Center for the Arts is a famous arts and theater program that puts on local performances. One of the most interesting institutions here is the Hjemkomst Center, which is a museum that contains that recreation of a Viking Ship! The Clay County Museum and Archives is a free museum located in the basement. These are just a few of the notable institutions that call Moorhead home.
  • Affordable rent! Whether you're looking to buy, rent or rent to own, Moorhead's real estate prices are well below the national average and far below the average in Minnesota! If you're in the market to buy a house, check out the area around 27th Avenue South or the foreclosure on Country Club Parkway.
  • Plenty of available housing! Moorhead has a 6 percent vacancy rate, which means you can find many homes available to rent or buy. If you're looking for an apartment, visit Carriage House Apartments on Village Green Boulevard or Aspen Trail Apartments on 65th Avenue South.
  • Many employment opportunities! If you can't buy a house right now because you don't have a job, the town has got you covered there as well. Moorhead is also home to many corporate, manufacturing and distribution industries, like Busch Agricultural Resources, Pactiv and American Crystal Sugar, and many others! There are also a number of universities in the area and the town's school district, all of which provide employment opportunities as well. This is great news for anyone moving here in need of work because a booming economy means more job availability.