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  • Saint Paul is often overshadowed by its larger sister city Minneapolis just nine miles to the west, but Saint Paul is a pretty amazing city in its own right. The entire Minneapolis-Saint Paul region, often knows as the Twin Cities, consistently ranks high on several important quality of life charts, including having a high literacy rate and a very educated population. As the state capital, Saint Paul is smaller, cheaper and more laid-back than Minneapolis. But as you'll see, Saint Paul's quieter charm means that this is one underrated gem just waiting to be appreciated. Saint Paul is located on the Mississippi River, which made it an ideal location for business both in the past and today. This is one clean city, possibly because it's so cold that people are tempted to stay indoors for several months out of the year! Winters here are very cold, with average high temperatures only in the 20s between December and February. Temperatures in the summer get near 80 degrees and the weather is often very humid. Despite the occasionally harsh weather, Saint Paul has a lot to make this a worthwhile place to be. Single people are especially likely to enjoy Saint Paul, since the city has a much higher percentage of singles than the national average.

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Top Reasons to Live in Saint Paul MN

  • Housing in Saint PaulHousing in Saint Paul is quite a bit more affordable than next-door Minneapolis. The median home price in Saint Paul is $124,000, which is below the national average. There's close to an even mix of rented vs. owned homes, too, with 47.18 percent owned and 44.71 percent rented. You can also find rent to own houses in the area. Only 8.11 percent are vacant, which is also below the national average. The advantage of having so many rental homes available means that you can most likely find your right place, no matter what your financial options may be. Saint Paul has a huge number of apartment complexes, flats and duplexes and homes for rent if you're not ready to buy a home. If you are mentally ready to buy a home but are facing some challenges along the way, a rental may be your best option. Choosing the right neighborhood is an important first step in selecting a property in Saint Paul, regardless of whether you buy or rent. Saint Paul has so many distinct neighborhoods that it has been described as fifteen small towns with one mayor. Some of the neighborhoods include West Seventh, Como Park, Frogtown, Dayton's Bluff and Payne-Phalen.
  • Local RestaurantsMinneapolis is known as a dining haven. Saint Paul is less so, but it does benefit from being a large cosmopolitan city, and it attracts cooking talent from all over the region. Minnibar is a new trend in dining in the area; you can order food at your table on an iPad, and it is brought to you. For fresh farm to table dining, Saint Paul residents love Heartland, a place with upscale American food and only local, sustainable ingredients. If you're looking for something a bit more casual, Saint Paul has it, too. Black Sea is a highly touted Turkish restaurant in the area, and it's a great place to get an interesting but affordable meal for the whole family. El Burrito Mercado is a favorite with Minnesotans who have a hankering for Mexican.
  • Nightlife St. PaulNightlife in St. Paul benefits greatly from being so close to Minneapolis. Since the centers of the two cities are only nine miles apart, you essentially get the benefits of both cities regardless of which one you live in. If you enjoy live music, you definitely won't want to miss the Minnesota Music Cafe in East Saint Paul; this hip venue hosts some of the hottest acts in rock and blues music, and pays tribute to local Twin Cities legends like Prince, Bob Dylan and Morris Day. The Turf Club is a kitschy 40s-inspired bar that plays alternative music and is a favorite with the many college students the live in the area.
  • Transportation The transportation system is pretty decent in Minneapolis-Saint Paul because it's such a sprawling area. Major highways running through the Twin Cities include I-35E running north-south and I-94 east-west, and numerous other smaller highways efficiently cross through and around the city. If you don't have your own car, you should be able to get around on one of the many public transportation options the city has to offer. Some of the options to get you from point A to point B include bus service and light rail provided by Metro Transit, and a METRO Green Light Rail will connect downtown Saint Paul with downtown Minneapolis by 2014.
  • Local SportsSports fans are in luck in Saint Paul. Proximity to Minneapolis allows you to see pro games -- like the Minnesota Vikings for football, the Twins for baseball, the Timberwolves for basketball, and the Wild for hockey. It also has two NASCAR tracks where you can see exciting racecar races, if you're more of a speed demon. If you like playing sports more than watching, you don't even need to leave Saint Paul. The city is home to a Curling Club, if you like more avant garde activities, and the West St. Paul Sports Center -- a huge recreational facility with tons of sports fields and equipment for games and practices. Saint Paul also has lots of golf courses, if you're ever in the mood to go out for a round.