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Top 5 Reasons to Live in Savage, MN

  • Originally known as the town of Hamilton, Savage received its second name in response to the success of Dan Patch, otherwise known as Marion Willis Savage's remarkable racing horse. Since then the town has become one of the most significant suburbs to the southwest of Minneapolis. It is known for its distinctive natural beauty, with residents from all around Minnesota visiting Savage's many parks and wildlife areas.

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  • Stop by the Savage Depot! One of Savage's most significant historical landmarks, the Savage Depot, was built over two centuries ago. Briefly a part of Murphy's Landing in nearby Shakopee, the Depot now rests near its original site, on a lovely piece of property by the Minnesota River. The historic site is currently home to a restaurant currently known as Flavor at the Depot. The dining establishment is a great place to enjoy muffins and coffee while reflecting on the city's unique history.
  • High homeownership rate! Although there are multiple apartment complexes in Savage -- including the Village Commons Apartments and the Hidden Valley Estates -- most residents prefer to live in houses. The homeownership rate in Scott County is 85.4 percent, which is well over the Minnesota average of 73 percent. Many of those interested in homeownership have chosen to take advantage of local rent to own opportunities.
  • Summer celebrations at Dan Patch Days! Held every year in late June at Savage's Community Park, the Dan Patch Days allow residents to build closer relationships at a variety of community events. These include 5K races, pie eating contests, pancake breakfasts and fireworks displays. Residents from all over Minneapolis and St. Paul are welcome to show up at this annual event, but it holds the most significance for those who reside in the Savage neighborhood.
  • Natural beauty! Savage is surprisingly undeveloped compared to other Twin Cities suburbs in the area, with huge swaths of open land in between the areas many apartments and homes for sale. Included in the city's borders are large segments of the Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve and the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Rising home prices! Now is the best time to get in on the excellent real estate market in Savage. For the past few years, the average house price per square foot in Savage homes has steadily increased, with an average improvement of 4.2 percent during the past several months. Home prices are particularly impressive near Hanrehan Lake Boulevard and near the beautiful Minnesota River.