Rent to Own Homes near Stillwater, MN

  • Situated on the St. Croix river along the eastern border with Wisconsin, Stillwater is considered to be the legislative birthplace of Minnesota since it hosted the first convention to establish statehood in 1848. At that time, well-to-do fur traders and lumbermen made up most of the town's population of 600. Today, Stillwater remains a relatively affluent community and is a wonderful place to visit or to call home.

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Top 7 Reasons to Live in Stillwater, MN

  • It's nestled along the beautiful St. Croix river! The St. Croix river is a protected waterway and one of the cleanest rivers in the country. At the confluence of the St. Croix and the Mississippi, about 20 miles south of Stillwater, there is a striking visual line where the two meet - blue on the St. Croix side and mud brown on the Mississippi side.
  • Home values are on the rise! According to the US Census Bureau, the median price of a home in Stillwater is nearly 30 percent higher than the state average, and house sales over the past two years have been particularly strong, with over 1,000 homes sold. Look for homes near the Stillwater Country Club or the Oak Glen Golf Course!
  • Affordable rental rates! Despite the strong housing market, renting a home, condo or apartment in Stillwater is still very affordable with a median rental rate of just under $1,000 per month. This makes Stillwater a very attractive market for rent to own homes. Call up Quality Moving & Storage or Two Men and a Truck to help move your stuff into your home.
  • It's a history-lover's dream! Dotted among the steep hills of downtown Stillwater are a few historical gems, including the Washington County Courthouse, the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Freight House, and a quartet of fully-restored 1850's residences lining 4th Street in what was the original downtown.
  • It boasts a thriving art scene! Residents and visitors can browse a variety of art in one of several downtown galleries, such as the Art Guild or Tamarack House galleries, or at the Fall Colors Fine Art and Music Festival each October.
  • It's a haven for craft beer lovers! History, beautiful scenic environs and close proximity to a major bike pathway have created the perfect conditions for a thriving craft brewing industry in Stillwater. The long-established and much loved Lift Bridge Brewing Company has some competition now, with relative newcomer Maple Island Brewing open for business.
  • It's an outdoor enthusiasts dream! From kayaking along the St. Croix river, to biking for miles along paved city pathways, to hiking the scenic Browns Creek trail, Stillwater offers something for everyone who loves to play outside!