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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Winona, Minnesota

  • Winona, Minnesota, as well as being known as the U.S. stained-glass capital, is often described as the best-kept secret in the Midwest! Set in stunning bluff country by the Mississippi, it combines breathtaking beauty with a cool urbanity alongside a traditional charm. Its best known landmark is Sugar Loaf, a rocky pinnacle which overlooks the east of the city, over Lake Winona. The city is the seat of Winona County, with a population of less than 30,000, and gets its name from Princess We-Noh-Nah, Chief Wapasha III's daughter.

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  • Get up close to nature! Winona is a wonderful place for outdoor activities, regardless of your fitness level. From climbing the trails of the John A. Latsch State Park for amazing Mississippi River Valley views, to the more sedate Prairie Island Nature Trail, there's plenty of outdoor fun to be had. Garvin Heights Park offers another vantage point for views over swathes of river valley.
  • Well-presented cultural treasures! Minnesota Marine Art Museum has works by masters such as Picasso and Van Gogh, and exhibits from stained glass windows to letters by Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson. Meanwhile, in the heart of town the Winona County History Center salutes those who have shaped the city over the years, as it grew on what was once an island prairie in the Mississippi. These are just some of the 10 museums across the city, not forgetting the historic church, the beautiful Basilica of Saint Stanislaus Kostka, that's right in town.
  • Outdoor events you'll love! Music fans of all ages and genres enjoy the Midwest Music Fest, which takes place across the city for three days in springtime. In late winter, the annual Frozen River Film Festival screens movies over four days. Then there's the six-day event called Steamboat Days, the annual celebration incorporating fireworks, a carnival and parade, among other activities.
  • Incredible vistas with great views! The Bridges, set in gorgeous Pleasant Valley in the bluffs above town, provides wonderful views and a golf course that challenges. Alternatively, just drive up to Garvin Heights for views from Lake Pepin as far as Mount Trempealeau.
  • A diverse range of property! Whether you are looking for rent to own real estate or a home to buy, you will find everything from standard suburban subdivisions to top quality townhouses. Meanwhile the Dakota neighborhood offers rents which are lower than over 70% of neighborhoods in the state.
  • Stay in town for great real estate choice! In the neighborhood of Sugarloaf, you'll find a mixture of homes for sale and houses for rent, with rents lower than in over 90% of Minnesota, and real estate mainly made up of small- to medium-sized family homes and high-rise apartments. The relatively high vacancy rate in this part of town puts you in the driving seat. In the Saint Mary's University/Garvin Heights Road areas, meanwhile, demand is greater, but rents are more attractive.