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Top 5 reasons to Live in Derry, NH

  • Originally settled in 1719 and later incorporated in 1827, the town of Derry, New Hampshire is rich with history. Derry was once a New England textile hub for linens and leathers as well as an active farming community. Since then, Derry has grown to become New Hampshire's fourth most populous community. Located in Rockingham County, Derry is situated along the Merrimack River, a 117-mile long northeastern river that feeds into the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Learn about Derry's poetic history! Robert Frost, one of America's most well-known and beloved poets, lived in Derry. You can visit the Robert Frost Farm, a National Historic Landmark, for tours, trail walks, and poetry readings. Many of Frost's poems about wildlife and changing New England seasons were written on his farm here. Frost also inspired New Hampshire poet E. E. Cummings, whose house is also a historic landmark located north of Derry.
  • Visit Boston or Manchester! Derry's proximity to both Boston and Manchester makes it a perfect location. Take a day trip to either city for a cosmopolitan experience. Visit Manchester's Currier Museum of Art to see Picasso and O'Keefe, or drive to Boston to join a duck boat adventure. Not looking to leave Derry? Climb Warner Hill in Derry to view the Boston Skyline.
  • Be a part of the growing intellectual community! When Interstate 93 was built from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, Derry's population tripled in size. Derry's school system was modernized to include state-of-the-art technology and both public and private schools. Derry's Historical Society and Museum is a learning center for local and national history. Also consider checking out the Londonderry Historical Society's Morrison House Museum.
  • Discover Derry's quirky nickname! Alan B. Shepard was America's first man in space, and he also happened to be from Derry. Derry's official nickname is "Spacetown" for the hype surrounding this aeronautical feat. Visit the Shepard Family Conservation Area, also known as Shepard Park, to visit the family's beautiful homestead.
  • House values are increasing! Over the past year, median house sale prices have increased 20.3 percent, making Derry a hot town for real estate in the Northeast. Rent to own options are available for one-bedroom to four-bedroom houses, with many properties closer to Interstate 93, a convenient highway to Interstate 495 and Interstate 90 in Massachusetts. Look for properties along E Derry Road near the Hoodkroft Country Club.