Rent to Own Homes near Vineland, NJ

  • Most Affordable Housing! Vineland is in the top 10 most-affordable metropolitan areas in the country for homeownership. Homeowners make up 63% of the housing market, and with home appreciation in the negative digits at -2.9% of the national average, housing costs are very affordable in this area. Rent to own contracts are alternative pathways to homeownership. These types may be had in the East Landis Avenue and SW Boulevard communities.

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Top 14 Reasons to Live in Vineland, NJ

  • Best Place to Own a Home! Individuals relocating to the city will find that 93% of Vineland's homes are affordable for the average home buyer, according to the housing opportunity index. Residential homes on S. Delsea Drive and Twin Oaks Drive are worth exploring.
  • Leasing for Less! The rental home rate in the city is 32% below the national average. It's cheaper to lease an apartment or sign up for rent to own houses in Vineland than in most cities in the USA. Also, with vacancy rental rates at a high 11.7%, finding rent to own homes will not cause you to break a sweat. Attractive neighborhoods can be discovered on Wilderness Avenue and Palermo Avenue.
  • Career Opportunities! Having achieved a 1.3% rate of job growth over the last year, the city shows signs of a blossoming economic transformation and is poised for future growth. Parts of Vineland have been designated as an Urban Enterprise Zone, encouraging business development with tax concessions. Shoppers can take advantage of a 3.5% sales tax at local retail stores, and get the things they need at the Home Depot and BJ's Wholesale Club in town.
  • Great Music in Vineland! The Bay Atlantic Symphony annual performances feature an all Mozart concert at the Dante Theater of the Arts, and cycles with a music lecture series presented by artist Paul Mack Sommers.
  • Visit the Only Drive-in Theater in Jersey! First created in 1932 (and reopened in 2004), the Delsea Drive-in is the only one in New Jersey. It's perfect for a night out on the town. Go with traditional movie treats or try one of Delsea's healthier options, like Wild Wedges (low-carb chicken quesadillas).
  • Walks and Kayak in the Park! Albert Giampierto Memorial Park is right in the middle of the city, allowing easy access to relaxing activities. The Parvin State Park is another vast acreage enjoyed for fishing and kayaking.
  • Cheap Retail Property: Land is cheap relative to the rest of New Jersey, and property taxes are 15% lower that the state average. With a 2.1% retail vacancy rate at its hub, Vineland is showing good business stamina -- and its proximity to Philadelphia and New York sets the stage for a vibrant commercial city of the future.Check out places on Delsea Drive and Harvard Street -- they may be the perfect spots to set up your new business!
  • Visit the "Strangest House in the World!" The Palace of Depression was built by the eccentric George Daynor, who lost his fortune in the Wall Street Crash of 1929. For more strange fun, check out the rows of yellow flowers/weeds (your preference) that give Vineland the distinctive title of the "dandelion capital of the world."
  • Enjoy Cultural Enrichment Programs! The Landis Theatre first opened its doors in 1937 as an Art Deco style movie theatre. Now, it has transformed into a space for international and multicultural events. Patrons may also partake in dining options on the property, including Mori's, a extravagant restaurant that serves up to 160 guests.
  • Visit the Largest Market on the East Coast! The Vineland Produce Market is one of a kind, consisting of hundreds of member farmers selling fresh goods from the "Garden State." Another public market is the Landis Marketplace, featuring ethnic produce.
  • Explore the Museum and Research Library! The Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society holds one of the largest collections that exhibit the city's history. The Millville Historical Society offers more history and artifacts.
  • Shopping Pleasure! Deptford Mall, Cherry Hill Mall and the neighboring Cumberland Mall are trendy shopping locations for residents and visitors alike.
  • Exciting Hockey Tournaments! The Vineland Ice Arena is the place for energizing hockey tournaments, and is the home of the Vineland Patriots hockey team. The arena also offers public ice skating sessions similar to Can Lan Ice Sports on Industrial Way.