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Top 3 Reasons to Live in Boulder City, NV

  • Nevada is known for gambling, but if you venture into Boulder City, you will have found one of only two cities in the entire state where the act is prohibited. It's been this way since the city was founded, and alcohol was even banned within its limits until 1969. These measures were meant to keep out mobsters from nearby Las Vegas, and the city even went as far as requiring all visitors to pass through a gatehouse in 1932.

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  • Exceptional home values! The home market is rebounding across the country, but the recovery in Boulder City has been extraordinary. From the Boulder City Golf Course to Hemenway Park and beyond, the value of residential structures has been on a nearly consistent rise over the past year. In America, the average home appreciation rate has been around five percent. Boulder City's rate, on the other hand, has been nearly five times that. Now is the time to move in on these houses, though, since prices have yet to reach the high levels that existed prior to the recession.
  • Find a hobby! There are a million-and-one things that residents of Boulder City can do to get rid of any boredom that might creep into their lives. Two golf courses lie within the city limits, and although this might not sound like much for a city that takes up over 200 square miles, it should be noted that only a small portion of that land is actually inhabited. The rest is just desert. For those with a bit more extreme tastes, the Boulder BMX track is definitely worth checking out. Not extreme enough for you? Well, the Boulder City Municipal Airport has skydiving classes going on, so you can take a leap of faith.
  • Amazing property tax rate! Being a mere eight miles from Hoover Dam, one might think that the property tax rate would be highly inflated. Fortunately, this simply isn't the case. Anyone who opts to purchase a house in Boulder City will be paying a rate that's 15 percent lower than the average in America. This doesn't seem to make sense considering that the Boulder Solar Park is nearby, and over 60 percent of homes in the area are purchased as opposed to rented. But hey, who is going to complain about saving more money than the rest of the country?