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Top 14 Reasons to Live in Utica

  • Take the Scenic Route. Residents in Utica enjoy a variety of freeways and streets that slice and dice their ways through the city. When you head to Utica, take the North-South Arterial Highway to the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute to check out some local artwork. Alternatively, you can take the 55 to the Utica Memorial Auditorium.

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  • Welcome to Oneida County. According to Oneida County's website, there are nearly 235,000 residents and over 90,000 households. Due to the large influx of residents into Utica, the community is constantly under construction (as shown by the U.S. Census). Thriving neighborhoods include North Gage and Oneida St.
  • Steeped in History. If you're after a bit of history, Utica has loads! Take a step into Utica's native past at the Oneida County Historical Society, or discover your inner child at the Children's Museum of History.
  • Utica Loves its Sports. Are you a sports fan? If so, Utica is the place to be! Try your hand at baseball at the Field of Dreams Sports Complex, or give the Karate Kid a run for his money by learning some cool moves at the Karate Studio.
  • Buy in Bulk!. Utica New York has plenty of space and plenty of places to shop. With stores like Big Lots, BJ's and Washington Mills.
  • Authentic Italian Cuisine! Fancy an Italian-style steak or a bowl of al dente pasta? Make a reservation at Delmonico's Italian Steak House. Here, you can enjoy classic Italian favorites, like chicken Marsala, lasagna and homemade meatballs. If you want a glass of vino and a quick lunch, grab a table at O'scugnizzo Pizza.
  • Hop on the Centro! Need to make your way around Utica but don't have a set of wheels? Hop on the Centro (Central New York Regional Transportation)! The great thing about Centro is that extends all the way through Oneida country and up into Oswego County.
  • Pick a Park! Utica has multiple parks in the area, all of which are very short traveling distances from each other. Two of the most popular parks in the city are Fort Schuyler Park and Proctor Park.
  • Cycle Your Way Around! Residents don't just cycle around Utica; they take the scenic route! Fancy a waterfront ride? Cycle down the Canalway Trail or Onondaga Lake Park. Both routes are cool in the summer and breezy in the springtime. Riding through in the winter isn't recommended, since both paths tend to freeze over.
  • Dozens of Rent to Own Properties! If you're not looking to settle right away, search through Utica's many rent to own properties. Want to be near the action? Then check out properties around James St., Brinckerhoff Ave. and Sunset Ave. Areavibes and CNN both named Utica, NY as one of the best places to live.
  • Lots of Apartments. Aside from rent to own homes, Utica is teaming with lovely apartment complexes. Look for the one-, two- or three-bedroom options in neighborhoods like Memorial Pkwy., Albany St. and Oneida St. There aren't many apartments for rent in the colder seasons, so it may be best to start your search in the warmer months.
  • Classical Homes. For sale, rent to own houses and rental homes are plentiful here. Many homes have spacious backyards, garages and multiple bedrooms. Check areas like Eagle St., City Center and Leland Ave., which have the highest appreciation rates. According to Pyramid Brokerage, Utica's cost of living is 11.6% lower than the U.S average, making it a very desirable place to purchase a home.
  • Properties in Prime Locations. Utica is quite a big city, and there are properties everywhere! Take your pick from popular neighborhoods, such as Deerfield Heights, North Gage or East Schuyler. These locations do come with quite a hefty price tag. Houses are normally 4 to 5 bedrooms and are priced well above $200,000.
  • Affordable Real Estate. Looking for a beautiful property at an affordable rate? Look no further than Utica! Here, you'll find four-bedroom homes starting at $79,900 or less and two-bedroom homes starting in the low $40s.