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Top 9 Reasons to Live in West Babylon, NY

  • Get out for dinner! Not in the mood to cook? Don't worry, West Babylon has got your covered. Head over to Alitalia Pizzeria & Restaurant for a slice of their pies, or Blue Lagoon for some grilled goodness. For some good old America, try Infinity Diner and if you're looking for Asian cuisine, Mushroom Chinese & Japanese restaurant is calling you.

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  • Ticking real estate sector: The real estate market in West Babylon is doing very well for itself. The average value of a house or condominium in the city was approximately $342,821 in 2011 versus the New York state average of $285,300. Rent to own a house in the city and celebrate the growth in your assets at White Post Farms and Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo.
  • Become a homeowner: Homeownership sits at a high 77.38% percent, so you won't be alone here in West Babylon. Start your search for your dream home along Henry Street or Straight Path.
  • Visit a specialty museum: Head down to the American Airpower Museum which houses WWII equipment, and to the Long Island Maritime Museum where you can step onto a restored oyster sloop of the 19th century and learn about the history of shipwrecks and rescue operations.
  • More interesting museums: Visit the Gangster Museum which hosts memorabilia on mobsters, gangsters and bank robbers in old St. Mark. Also peek in at the National Academy Museum to enjoy art forms by American artists.
  • Homes in high demand: With a low vacancy rate of 3.75% percent, it's obvious that West Babylon is hot spot. Search for homes in Town Center or Lafayette Road to scope out the best deals.
  • Visit a nature center and an ancient house: Visit the 33-acre Greenburgh Nature Center and enjoy its many gardens and trails. Take a tour of the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum which is the state's oldest house, originally built as a humble farmhouse in the 17th century.
  • Watch gifted artists in action: Walk in to the Living Gallery and watch as talented artists, while enjoying music, food and drinks, sketch live models. Walk down to the Grand Central area and take in the sights and sounds of the place.
  • Visit a butterfly atrium: Visit the World of Wings museum and butterfly atrium, and appreciate the winged beauties surrounding you. Also do not miss out on taking a tour of Central Park.