Rent to Own Homes near White Plains, NY

  • It's one of the best places to live. Money Magazine lauds the city as a top place to live because it's only 35 minutes from the amenities of New York City and boasts several corporate offices, including those of Heineken.

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White Plains, NY

  • Values are up. House prices remain relatively stable. However, in the past year, the values of real estate that are not for sale, on the market, and rent to own have inched upward by 4.3%. Values are projected to increase by 4% in the coming year.
  • Many transportation options. White Plain's distance can offer a true escape form urban madness. Yet multiple transportation makes returning to work elsewhere both easy and convenient. Two Metro-North Railroad stations offer service to Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. The Bee Line crisscrosses the city while the Cross-Westchester Expressway II-287) provides car connections.
  • Bigger residences. Over 50% of the White Plains properties, whether they're mortgage financed condos or rent to own houses, are 1,800 square feet or larger. Almost 6% sprawl of 3,600 square feet. Compare this to the smaller units in New York City, where almost half are under 1,800 square feet and 14% are less than 1,000.
  • Fun with stores. Two malls in White Plains offer Westchester County shoppers the benefits of big time malls. The Galleria has over 130 stores and a fitness center on the main street level. The Westchester has over 150 options anchored by Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.
  • Higher value real estate. The median value of real estate in White Plains is $485,900. This makes homes in the city more valuable than those in metropolitan New York, where the median value is $369,900.
  • Applauding the stage. The White Plains Performing Arts Council acts as the bastion of performances ranging from comedy to concerts. Many of the celebrated talents hail from the local area, including Westchester Philharmonic, the only professional symphony orchestra in Westchester County.
  • Possible discounts. You may not have to pay the high prices in White Plains, even if you opt for a rent to own home. About 28% of the offerings get a price cut and almost 17% eventually sell below the listing price. This compares to metropolitan New York where 24% get price cut and 21% sell below listing.
  • Enjoying the outdoors. To reap the benefits of the outdoors, you can retreat to one of 20 multI purpose parks. The Jack Harrington Greenway is a walking trail that runs for 0.8 miles. Bark Dog Park lets our furry friends run around unleashed. And Delfino Park boasts several sports fields, a basketball court, a locker room, picnic areas, and Internet access.
  • Vintage home paradise. If you value the solidity and character of older homes, you'll like that over 40% of homes in the city were built from 1920 to 1939, with an additional 1% constructed before then. A local agent can lead you to these charming options.
  • Birth of the nation. The White Plains Historical Society can explain to you how the history of the area dates from before the Revolutionary War. For example, the Jacob Purdy House, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, was built before 1730 and was used by General George Washington as his headquarters.
  • Declining rental rates. If you want to rent in White Plains, rates have fallen by over 6% to $2,250. In New York City, rates have increased over the past year by almost 2% to a median $2,700.
  • An eye for arts. ArtsWestchester takes charge of the visual arts by providing services to artists, their admirers, and the educational community. One informal way to appreciate all that stimulates the eyes is the White Plains Outdoor Arts Festival, a juried show of artists who can also sell their works.
  • Commitment to alternatives. The city shows its commitment to transportation alternatives through electric vehicle charging stations, some of which are in the Transportation Center and public garages. Zipcar allows anyone to enjoy the privileges of driving without actually owning a private vehicle.