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  • With its population of over 120,000, Dayton, Ohio, has all the hallmarks of being a pleasant city to reside and work in. There are year-round attractions like the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, and during the holidays, Montgomery Courthouse Square takes festivities to another level. As the home of the Wright Brothers and the city where James J. Ritty invented the cash register, it's clear that Dayton is a community that's had a massive impact on the world as we know it. Here's what you need to know about living in Dayton.

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  • Housing StatisticsStatistically speaking, Dayton is a solid market for home buyers. The median home sale price is $222,500, while the average price of home sales is listed as $104,238. What does this mean for you? Put simply, these prices mean that down payments are most likely going to be affordable. What about the logistics of finding a place? How do the odds look on that front? According to the results of the United States Census Bureau's 2007-2011 American Community Survey, Dayton has a 68.7% homeownership rate. At the same time, the vacancy rate for apartments is 12.8%, while the homeowner vacancy rate also sits at 12.8%. These numbers suggest that there is definitely room for extra buyers in this real estate market. The apartment vacancy rate also indicates that accommodations can be found at reasonable prices in this city. Consequently, rent to own homes are an option at your disposal.
  • Weather and Climate If you're living in Dayton you can expect your winters to be cold and your summers to be hot. The humidity of the summer heat will make you appreciate your air conditioner, while the dryness associated with winter will make your furnace that much more valuable. Although the temperatures are said to range from 27.5 F to 74.1 F, it's worth noting that a home near the Dayton International Airport may be cooler than a house near the downtown area. At the same time, tornadoes, blizzards and floods are potential weather hazards due to Ohio's Midwestern location.
  • Tourist Attractions The tourist industry has a major role to play in Dayton's local economy. When you look at the city's most popular attractions, it's easy to see why. By far the biggest draw is the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Easily bringing in over 1 million annual visitors, the aviation museum is actually the oldest of its kind. The presence of the National Aviation Hall of Fame on-site also accounts for a sizable amount of the people visiting the museum.
  • Shopping in Dayton Town & Country Shopping Center: Featuring restaurants, stores and specialty shops, this mall is perfect for the eclectic shopper. Bargain hunters can go online to see what deals and sales are coming up, and since some of these stores have big names attached to them, this shopping center's definitely a trip worth making.
  • Largest Employers and Industries Dayton's economy draws its strength from a broad number of industries. While technology and the sciences immediately leap to mind because of the aviation museum, the University of Dayton Research Institute and the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center, tourism also does quite well in this city.