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Top 8 Reasons to Live in Dublin

  • You can attend the Memorial Tournament! Held at Muirfield Village Golf Club at 5750 Memorial Drive, this annual professional golf tourney in June hosts the best players from around the world. Go and personally see how some of the greatest swing. The course is located off Muirfield Drive, near Avery Park.

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  • The real estate industry is trending up, up, up! A 4.5% rise in property value within the last 365 days certainly indicates so. With an average home value of over $320,000, there's no better time than this moment to rent to own or purchase. Places in Donegal Cliffs, Woods of Dublin and Hawk's Nest are worthy of a look.
  • Keep yourself fit! Swim at the Dublin Municipal Pool, golf at Riviera Country Club and take fitness classes at the Dublin Community Recreation Center. Biking in Dublin has become a great way to get around and exercise in the city as the town has a detailed path system and has been honored by the League of American Bicyclists as a bike friendly city. Dublin also showcases a lot of parks; kick back at spots like Indian Run Falls Park, Dublin Veterans Park and Coffman Park.
  • See a play at the Abbey Theater! Head to the 110,000 square-foot Dublin Community Recreation Center to view a performance by great local talents. Located at 5600 Post Road near Jack Nicklaus Freeway, the Abbey Theater shows Dublin's commitment to the arts with a variety of great shows.
  • Hello condos! In Dublin, condos are all over town. One bedrooms span from $675 to $900 and up for such pads. Two bedrooms run from $850 to $1250 and up. You can also find rent to own homes in the condo market. Communities like Abington Village, Hilliard Grand and LC Paddock are just some of the many choices you have for a condo home.
  • Dine like a king! You may think nearby Columbus is filled with all the best eateries in the area. Dublin, though, stands to compete. Notable dining venues like Moretti's, Dublin Village Tavern, and J. Liu Restaurant & Bar bring delicious dishes to your table anytime you go. Listen to what your stomach says and take advantage of the city's offerings.
  • Live it up in fresh and shiny new homes! Roughly 27% of homes in Dublin were constructed in the new millennium. The opportunity to get yourself a brand new home is at your fingertips. Grab it. For sale listings abound. Additionally, there a variety of new rent to own houses. New housing developments like Scioto Reserve North, Greystone Mews and Ballantrae feature wonderful pads.
  • You can snap photos of the Field of Corn! Does anyone want to see some gigantic corn ears? Dublin does have some quaint attractions, but perhaps this is the coolest one. Located at 4995 Rings Road near the Scioto River and Smiley Park, this field features row upon row of fake, six-foot high pieces of corn. It is a symbol of the area's agricultural history. On top of that, Dublin also has a Dave Thomas Statue and sculptures of giant dancing rabbits on Woerner Road.