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10 Reasons to Live in Euclid, OH

  • Close to Cleveland! Euclid, OH is a small city situated in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. It's a nearby suburb of the thriving metropolis of Cleveland. As per the 2010 United States (US) Census Bureau statistics, Euclid had a total population of 48,920 inhabitants. It encompasses 11.48 square miles in area and it's located in the US Eastern Time Zone.

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  • Great Transportation System! Euclid's close proximity to Cleveland avails it access to the many transport methods associated with such a large metropolis. Euclid is served by Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, which is located nine miles southwest of its downtown business center. Euclid is also served by interstate passenger bus and train travel. Interstate 90 is the main roadway artery for automobile transportation.
  • Lots of Properties for Rent! You can find a suitable fit rental house by searching the Internet under the keywords: Euclid OH homes to rent. There you'll find up-to-date listings of many available rental homes in the community. Various neighborhood newspapers and free supermarket real estate magazines are other good sources for finding houses for rent. You can also simply drive around neighborhoods like Bliss and Lakeland to see some great homes for rent or rent to own.
  • Local and Regional Shopping! Typical of a small city suburb of a thriving large city metropolis like Cleveland, Euclid enjoys its fair share of shopping options. Macy's, in nearby Richmond Heights, and Target, in University Heights, are examples of department store-type shopping opportunities. Richmond Town Square is the nearest regional shopping super center.
  • Alternative Ways to Buy a Home! If you're moving or relocating to the Euclid area, renting a home is often the first step in a successful transition process. You might want to consider the ever-emerging trend of renting to own. By so doing, much risk and uncertainty can be removed by first having lived in the house and neighborhood. You can find rent to own homes in areas like Memorial Park and Lloyd.
  • Eating Out! If dining out is your pleasure, the Euclid community will not disappoint you in your quest to satisfy your appetite. People and families with all types of budget considerations can be accommodated. The Beachclub Bistro and Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen are two of the local favorites.
  • Sports Attractions! The greater Cleveland area offers sports enthusiasts all year-round rooting capability. The NFL Browns occupy a fan's winter months' football interest, likewise the NBA's Cavaliers for basketball devotees. The spring, summer and fall bring baseball's Indians into the mix.
  • Professional Home Inspections! A thorough visual and written professional inspection is recommended before buying a home. There are several inspection services available in the local area to support such efforts. Einstein Home Inspection, LLC and Keystone Home Inspection, LLC are some of the listed professional specialists.
  • Property Taxes! Once an after-purchase house property market value assessment is generated by the county tax assessor, your first annual property tax bill for a Euclid community residence will be calculated at a 1.98% tax rate. This is slightly more than the national average. If you have not yet found your ideal home, you can look for rent to own houses and homes for sale in Moss Point Beach and Noble.
  • Affordable Homes! The median home price here is about $109,000, which is about half the national average. Look for homes in your budget in Utopia Beach and Blisswood Village.