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4 Reasons to Live in Hilliard, OH

  • Set in Franklin County, Ohio, Hilliard is a city with a population of 30,546. The area began as farmland owned by John Hilliard in 1842. Hilliard built a train station for means of commerce. The surrounding area became known as Hilliard's Station in 1853. By 1854, the name was changed to Village of Hilliard. Today, Hilliard is best known as the location of the Early Television Museum and as a suburb of the metropolitan Columbus, Ohio area.

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  • Enjoy extensive art and culture opportunities! The Hilliard Arts Council produces everything from plays to a summer concert series, most of which are free. The Hilliard branch of Columbus County Library system also has special arts and cultural events, which are scheduled throughout the year.
  • Be a part of a vibrant, active city with ample housing! Hilliard is a great place to live, work and play. In 2014, there were 200 homes for sale in Hilliard. While not commonplace, rent to own houses can still be found in the area, but the majority are sold through traditional home sales. If you can, find a place by Starliner Diner and try out what the locals are calling the best breakfast in Columbus or Texas Roadhouse for a casual dining experience, but fantastic steak.
  • Discover Old Hilliard Historic District and affordable subdivisions! Shops, restaurants, businesses, a historical village and a residential district populate the historic district known as Old Hilliard. Shop at companies like Old Hilliard Coin and Fine Art, LLC or visit Weaver Park and its recreated Historical Village - often used as a setting for community events. If you don't want to live in the historic district, buy a home in one of the newer subdivisions. Westbrook, Brookfield Village, The Glen, Riverside Forest and River Park are nice, modern subdivisions in the area with affordable residences.
  • Get Active! The aquatic center is popular among health enthusiasts. It has an 18,000-square-foot facility designed for both swimming and scuba diving. The First Responders Park hosts a memorial to 9/11 responders. A designated Heritage Rail Trail provides opportunities for jogging and nature walks. Built on an old abandoned railroad right-of-way, the trail begins in Old Hilliard and continues on to Plain City. There is also a dog park at the trail start off Main Street in Old Hilliard.