Rent to Own Homes near Middletown, OH

10 Reasons to Live in Middletown, OH

  • Low median sales price!From December 13th, 2014 until March 14, 2014, the median sales price was $84,000. Once you own a home or choose from one of the rent to own houses, shopping at Towne Mall and Bridgewater Falls Shopping Center won't be a far drive at all.

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  • Low averages! The average listing price for homes in Middletown, OH as of March 14th, 2014 was $99,728. Whether you own, rent to own or just rent, you can use your spare cash to enjoy Middletown Plaza and Eastgate Plaza. Look for homes in neighborhoods like Hunter and Poast Town.
  • Sports, sports, sports! Sports enthusiasts will be thrilled to know there are plenty of options to stay fit and have fun. For those who like extreme sports, Start Skydiving is a must try. It's one of the largest drop zones in the world, ranking as one of the top five. It's also one of the fastest growing. Once you're done with the adrenaline rush, you may want to relax at one of the nearby bonfire pits and camp out at the campgrounds. Maybe you're more into outdoor sports. There's something for you as well. Robersons Sporting Goods offers a wide range of products for archery and hunting in the majestic outdoors of Middletown, OH.
  • Great rental opportunities! The average monthly rent for a place in Middletown is $1,219. Once you pay rent, you can use some of your remaining cash on dining out at locations like Grecian Restaurant or Liberty Restaurant. Check out areas like Bethany and Butler Warren for fantastic local homes.
  • A real happening town! Statistics from indicate 45,165 homes were recently sold in Ohio as of March 2014. You can add to this number and be close to the action when you move to Middletown. In fact, you'll be near Hara Arena Ice Skating Rink and Dayton Art Institute.
  • Enjoy the tunes! If you like music, you'll definitely like this particular city. Middletown Lyrics Theater is located here. The theater provides a wide range of musicals and other shows. There's also the Sorg Opera House, where you can watch live opera performances.
  • Looking good on the field! Get out your checkered pants and polo. The city has golf courses! Weatherwax Golf Course has been operating since 1972 and still manages to remain peaceful and well manicured. Wildwood Golf Club is an 18-hole course with a junior course for children ages seven to high school. Kids who are five and six may golf there when accompanied by an adult. They also have a pool.
  • A happening night life!If you like to party in the place where you look for rent to own homes, you'll be happy to know this town is alive at night. You may want to go to Reflections Night Club or Lil' Chicago Pub for a night on the town.
  • Walking never felt so good! You can get exercise and enjoy nature at Smith Park. At Highland Lakes State Park, you can enjoy a walk, hike or bike ride.
  • There are plenty of shopping opportunities here! You won't have to worry about a long commute to get what you need. Your Neighborhood Peddler Mall and University Plaza are two of the more popular shopping destinations in Middletown.