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Top 3 Reasons to Live in Pataskala

  • For those who want to live in a city with an awesome name, Pataskala is definitely it. For those who want the same in their county's name, luck would have it that Pataskala is in Licking County. For those who want to be in a growing city, Pataskala's population grew nearly 240 percent between 1990 and 2000. Admittedly, this was because it merged with another city, but that is still amazing growth. And for those who want to live in the city that John Holmes, the prolific porn star portrayed in the movie Wonderland, called home as a teenager... Pataskala is the place to be.

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  • Expensive homes available for low prices! Pataskala took the recent economic meltdown particularly hard. In fact, as property valuations rose nearly 13 percent in America over the past decade, they dropped 12 percent in Pataskala. This, however, is actually amazing news for those looking to get a mortgage or who are interested in rent to own houses. This is because the home market in the city is on the rise again. In fact, its growth outpaced the national average over the past five years. This means that homes which were more expensive than the national average are now available for five percent less than that average. Whether you're looking around High Lands Golf Club or Muddy Fork, you're making a great investment.
  • No shortage of unique activities! Everyone likes to say that they've done something unique in their lifetime. Well, residents of Pataskala can surely make this claim on a near-daily basis. During the fall months, for instance, they can check out the Haunted Hoochie. Yes, that's its name, and its website is downright scary. Not into horror? Well, you could head west to ZipZone Canopy Tours and zip line across the nearby area. Still too intense? Well, just go enjoy yourself at Ziggy's Bar and Grill. That's plenty of fun too.
  • High property ownership rates! The number of homes in an area that is inhabited by owners rather than renters is a telltale sign of how great the community is. Communities are also located near parks for recreation and family fun, like Municipal Park. Nearly 70 percent of houses are actually inhabited by the homeowners themselves, and another 25 percent make the effort to continuously pay rent in the area. This leaves a very low vacancy rate, which indicates the appeal that Pataska has for homeowners. Whether this is because Columbus is a quick shot down Highway 16 or because people like having Central Ohio Technical College nearby, the bottom line is that people love Pataskala's proximity to Columbus and to good education.