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Top 7 Reasons to Live in Shaker Heights, OH

  • The city of Shaker Heights was officially established in 1912, just before WWI. From the very beginning, the city has always been committed to creating a real sense of community and being the kind of place where people live their entire life. This has been done by keeping the crime rate low, the employment rate high, providing plenty of housing options and making sure there's plenty of community wide events everyone can participate in.

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  • Plenty of public transportation! Even though most Shaker Heights residents do maintain their own car, most people rely on the city's excellent public transportation to help them get from Point A to Point B. The size and quality of the public transportation services in Shaker Heights are high quality for such a small town. Take the Green Line, which starts downtown and goes to Green Road in Shaker Heights, or the Blue Line, which starts downtown and goes to Warrensville Center and Chagrin Roads, of the Shaker Rapid Transit.
  • Restaurants to fulfill every craving! For some good music and a laid-back atmosphere, check out Rudy's Pub, which offers football on the big screen on Sundays and karaoke on Wednesdays. If you're craving some authentic Mexican food, try Los Habaneros Authentic Mexican Restaurant.
  • Community Garden! It doesn't matter if you decide to purchase or rent a Shaker Heights home that doesn't have land attached to it, you can still enjoy the pleasure that comes from growing your own food. The Community Gardens of Shaker Heights does an excellent job of locating and utilizing vacant parcels of land for large community gardens. Not only does this provide residents with an excuse to spend time outside, but it also reduces air pollution and encourages a strong sense of community. The community gardens are free of pesticides and everything is grown organically. For an example, stop by the community garden on Daleford, started in 2012.
  • Excellent Fresh Produce Market! If you want to get your food fresh, but don't want to take the trip to Cleveland for the Farmer's Market, check out the Fresh Market. The Fresh Market is like a cross between Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, where the food is healthy and fresh and you can get every thing you need. If, by chance, the Fresh Market doesn't have something you need, buzz on by Heinen's Grocery Store to finish up your shopping.
  • Plenty of housing options! More than half of the residential properties in Shaker Heights are privately owned, but there are some rent to own homes available, as well as many one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments scattered throughout town. Check out the rental homes around Ardmore Road or Lansmere Road to try and make your rent to own deal.
  • Gorgeous Buildings! It doesn't matter if someone is looking for a house they can buy or one they can rent, they'll be taken aback by how all of the buildings in Shaker Heights flow together and seem to mesh architecturally-wise, which helps create a beautiful and unified city. If you're looking to buy a house, check out the neighborhood of Townley Road. If an apartment is more you're speed, check out The Drake on Van Aken Boulevard.