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Top 3 Reasons to Live in Stow, OH

  • Located in Summit County, just 30 minutes from Cleveland, Ohio, Stow is a suburban area near Akron. Stow is a part of the Western Reserve, which is evident from the historic buildings located in the downtown area. Known for its rolling hills and picturesque landscape, Stow is an upscale community. The city has its own moderately-sized retail and industrial industry. The close proximity to the urban setting of Akron has encouraged the growth of the city to more than 34,800 people

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  • Home prices are more affordable! Home prices in Stow, Ohio have fallen by 5.6 percent from August of 2013 to August of 2014. For those who wish to live in or near Pambi Farm Estates or Rose Run, it is still possible to find highly affordable homes within this area due to these dropping rates. Property types range from large estates to small homes, apartments, and condos. With a lower median sale price than several of the larger communities nearby, Stow remains an affordable option for many people.
  • You'll have access to the Summit County MetroParks! The MetroParks, one of the largest green areas in the state, runs partially through Stow. You will have access to rollerblading and biking along the provided paths. Stop by Silver Lake. There, you can spend some time fishing or boating on your small watercraft. During the summer, visit the north portion of the MetroParks. This is where Brandywine Falls is located. This is a large hiking and rock climbing area. During the winter months, it becomes a small tourism-draw for the cross-country skiing facilities. For additional outdoor relaxation, the area is home to the 18-hole golf course called Rose Run Country Club. It was voted the 18th most challenging golf course in the northeastern portion of the state by the Ohio Golf Association. Fox Den Golf Course is also located in this area. Rent to own houses here provide you with close proximity to desirable outdoor activities.
  • A high home occupancy rate and available rental property! In Stow, the housing occupancy rate is at a high level of 95.84 percent. The area's rental vacancy rate is also high at 6.4 percent, meaning rental homes are available to those who wish to move into the area. Living in an area with a high occupancy rate is often desirable especially with amenities such as Adell Durbin Park or Silver Springs Park in your backyard. However, with an above-4 percent vacancy rate, home buyers can still find affordable housing options to move into the area.