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  • Once a mighty steel-industry giant, Youngstown, Ohio, found itself a victim to changing national priorities and diminishing resources. A local industry collapse in 1977 led to the loss of a staggering 50,000 jobs--and nearly as many residents. The ones that remained, however, banded together, turned to other industries, and soon brought about a remarkable revival. The combination of new business development, cultural opportunities, and reduced crime rates led Forbes to recently rate this new Youngstown as one of the nation's top five cities for raising children.

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  • Housing Information Nearly 15% of all dwellings in Youngstown are unoccupied, particularly in the most urban neighborhoods. Rentals, which make up more than a third of the housing market, are especially lagging, with over 30% of available typically vacant. Home values are well-below state averages, with median sales prices averaging just $39,000. The upshot of all this is that there are few better places in the nation to find rent to own homes or owner-assisted financing.
  • Local Youngstown Shopping Reflecting the area's solidarity, there's a focus on locally owned and operated businesses and restaurants. Rulli Brothers Grocery Store is a prime example, still serving locals after 96 years. The revitalized downtown area has blossomed with small restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes, including Barleys, Coyocan, and Anthony's on the River. There's even a shop called Youngstown Nation that sells pro-city t-shirts.
  • Youngstown Industry and Employers The largest remaining industrial employer in the Youngstown area is General Motors. GM's Lordstown Assembly plant, one of the largest in America, is the home of the Chevrolet Cruze and employees over 4500 people. There are still steel manufacturing jobs as well, and Youngstown's own V&M Star Steel remains one of the city's largest employers. Turing Technologies has been rated as the nation's fastest-growing private software firm.
  • Youngstown Neighborhoods The city is home to a wildly diverse group of residents and features some 50 individual neighborhoods. You'll probably want to check out these popular areas first: