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6 Reasons to Live in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

  • Classified as a home rule municipality, Bethel Park is in the western area of Pennsylvania in Allegheny County. Bethel Park covers a land area of 11.7 square miles and has a population of about 32,000 residents. The city rests only about 7 miles southwest of Pittsburgh and thus enjoys some of the comforts of the nearby city.

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  • Get a feel for the local attractions! The residents in Bethel Park have plenty to offer in the way of unique attractions. The local Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House is often considered the best in the area and operates year-round. If you need to get some shopping done, the local South Hills Village offers all variety of shops to fit your needs.
  • Taste the local cuisine! Like any city of its size, Bethel Park offers a wide variety of mom-and-pop establishments that residents enjoy dining at. One popular destination is Level 20, which offers quality food that is only beaten by the quality service. For many of the locals of Bethel Park, the only place to get a good hoagie is the Bethel Deli.
  • A good time to look at real estate! Currently, the average price of homes for sale in Bethel Park is below the average home price in Pennsylvania, making it a great time to look at making that move. In addition to the sale options, there are also rent-to-own homes listed on the market, which can be easier for those just starting out. Both the Hillcrest and Brightwood neighborhoods are great candidates for new residents looking for affordable homes.
  • Diverse selection of apartments available! If the idea of a rental house or apartment sounds more appealing, Bethel Park has no shortage of those either. The average rent is about on par with the national average, and there is a wide selection, depending on what part of town you are looking at. Rusty Hollow Apartments offer some of the most affordable units, whereas the larger Lincoln Pointe Apartments is great for those seeking more amenities.
  • Get some fresh air at a local park! Bethel Park lies in an area that is full of natural beauty. For those who want to get out and enjoy the scenery, Millennium Park is one popular destination. Village Green Park is another popular community destination.
  • Maintain that community feel! The local Bethel Park government puts a lot of time and resources in the local community and maintains the Bethel Park Public Works organization as well as the Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Company.