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7 Great reasons to call Carlisle, PA home

  • A historic town that traces its roots back to the mid-18th century, Carlisle is home to just under 18,700 residents. Located in central Pennsylvania, it is close to Harrisburg, the state capital. It is also home to the first new college to be chartered in the United States, Dickinson University, which was founded six days after the Treaty of Paris was signed, the document that made the United States its own country. It's also home to the United States Army War College, the most senior school in the United States Army.

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  • Surrounded by History! Walk the same streets that historical figures, like George Washington and Molly Pitcher, once did. You can also visit Pitcher's gravesite, as she was buried in town after her death. Carlisle is home to a number of properties found on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Carlisle Armory and the Carlisle Indian School. The Indian School was where Jim Thorpe, considered one of the best athletes in history, began his sporting career.
  • Putting the CAR in Carlisle! The Carlisle Fairgrounds is home to some of the top car shows on the East Coast, from the Corvettes at Carlisle and the GM Nationals for fans of General Motors, to the Ford Nationals for Mustang and Taurus devotees.
  • Wonderful Variety of Housing! Whatever you're looking for, Carlisle likely has it - 43% of homes are considered historic, while almost 7% have been built in the new millennium. 63% of homes have 2 or 3 bedrooms, while 16.5% have 4 or more. 36.7% of houses are single family detached, while 26% are row homes or semi-detached and 37% are apartments. This means you can get anything, from an historic house in the Carlisle Historic District to an apartment at Carlwynne Manor of Keystone Arms.
  • Downtown Living! With the Carlisle Theater for entertainment and the shops and restaurants along Pomfret Street - including Lili's Place and Trattoria Piatto - downtown Carlisle is walkable and has something for everyone.
  • Perfect for the Outdoors Lover! Plenty of parks dot the city, while just outside the center of town is Eagles Crossing Golf Club. Serious hikers and starters alike will appreciate the access to the Appalachian Trail nearby - it is the midway point of the trail, and is also the lowest and flattest section, so even the least athletic can take it on.
  • Great Market for Entry! Whether you're looking for a home to rent in the Schlusser neighborhood, a place to buy downtown, or a luxury apartment at The Residences at Seven Gables, the great news is that the market is stable and reasonable. The median sales price is around $159,000, and has managed to stay in that range for the last decade, avoiding the fall and rebound of the housing market. Rent to own isn't all that bad either, with the average unit running around $600 per month.
  • Lots of Annual Events! From the Army Heritage Day in May through the Harvest of the Arts and the McLain Celtic Festival in September, there are festivities on a monthly basis. The festival season is all wrapped up with Oktoberfest.