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Top 4 Reasons to Live in Easton, PA

  • Easton is aptly named, as it located in eastern Pennsylvania. Its location also provides a multitude of scenic water views, as the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers meet in this city. The area is rich in history with roots tracing back to early European settlers. Since the city's founding in 1752, it has played important roles in the French and Indian War, American Revolutionary War and today is home to a monument honoring Civil War veterans from Easton.

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  • Great location and value! Conveniently located about an hour from both New York City and Philadelphia, Easton real estate has an unbeatable location. It is easy to commute for work or simply to enjoy events in the big city whenever the mood strikes. Area home sale prices have gone down about 4 percent from 2013 to 2014, making this an ideal time to consider purchasing a house. Consider properties in the Easton Historic District near Centre Square for an easy walk to the Saturday Farmers' Market and local shops.
  • A colorful town! Easton is the birthplace of Crayola and the Crayola Experience serves as an interactive museum for visitors to learn how the products are made, make their own unique markers and express their artistic creativity. Check out the work of other artists in galleries around town, such as the Abbey Hill Gallery, at the annual Riverside Festival of the Arts every September or explore the many murals throughout Easton.
  • Explore the trails! Getting outdoors is fun to do in a city where there are four vibrant seasons and loads of recreational opportunities. The Palmer Township Recreation Trail offers a paved trail to take in the local farmland, forests and views of the Lehigh River. More adventurous types can set up camp at the Wy Hit Tuk Park, where picnic spots and playgrounds add to the quick retreat from modern life. Hiking and biking are easily done with views of historic buildings and the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers, while snowy months offer the chance to ski.
  • Affordable area! The cost of living in Easton tends to reflect the national average and rents are often equal to or slightly below the average national rent. Whether you are considering rentals, rent to own homes, or homes for sale, it's reassuring to know that the real estate is reasonably priced. Look for homes near the Ringside Restaurant, where the city's own heavyweight boxing champion Larry Holmes serves up delicious food in downtown Easton. Those desiring to live near the hills should consider the northern neighborhood of College Hill.