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Top 7 Reasons to Live in McKeesport, PA

  • First settled in 1795 and an important part of Pennsylvania's coal mining history, McKeesport is a city with a rich past. Today McKeesport is home to several great restaurants, historical sights, and hosts quite a few annual events.

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  • Lots of places to relax! Whether it be visiting the Tillie's Restaurant & Chantillie Lounge or getting a massage at Karing Hands Massage, there's no shortage of places to hang out and relax.
  • Tons of great restaurants! McKeesport offers a wide range of dining options. Try the Oberdick Hoagie at the Greenock Deli or classic, sliced-from-the-spit gyros at the Pizza and Gyro Express over at Oneil Boulevard.
  • Steadily rising home values! With the median home value rising more than $10,000 over the past decade, property owners will appreciate the steady rise in value that McKeesport offers. Rent to own homes here are also ideal for those that eat out frequently. You can make use of McKeesport's convenient distance to restaurants and eat at places such as Woody's Little Italy Restaurant and New China Jade.
  • Great for history buffs! Fans of history will enjoy the many historical sights in McKeesport. You can get a glimpse of the past at the McKeesport Heritage Center or visit the uniquely designed St. Mary's Church.
  • Affordable housing! With a mean price for housing units of just $54,184, living in McKeesport is a good way for prospective buyers to save some money. Another fact that is appreciated by home owners is that houses here are located close to places like the bar, Puzzlers Restaurant and Lounge as well as parks such as White Oak Park.
  • Lots of outdoor activities! McKeesport is great for those who value the outdoors. You can go golfing at the Youghiogheny Country Club or go paddling at the Northeast Paddleboard Company.
  • Many local events! In McKeesport, there is no shortage of seasonal and annual events for residents to enjoy. Some of these events include the Labor Day Weekend Rib Fest or the Festival of Trees every December.