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6 Reasons to Love Pottsville, PA

  • Pottsville, PA is an old coal town, home to 14,324 residents and one very large brewery. D.G. Yuengling and Son dates back to 1829, and is the oldest operating brewing company in the United States. It even operated during Prohibition, creating "near beer," which makes it one of the longest continually operating businesses in the country. It's a quaint town with a lot to offer!

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  • A rich history! Aside from the historic Yuengling brewing complex -- which you can still tour for free most days of the week -- Pottsville features a number of buildings that are on the National Register of Historic Places. Notable among these is the John O'Hara house, which was home to the noted author.
  • Single-family living! Over 72 percent of the housing units in Pottsville are single-family detached units, rowhomes, or semi-detached units. In neighborhoods like Yorkville and Mount Hope, these properties are very common, although you may still find an apartment building or apartment complex mixed in.
  • Lots of green space! Pottsville is sandwiched between a number of parks and game lands. Locust Lake and Tuscarora State Parks are nearby for boating, fishing, and hiking. There are some great state game lands for hunting, trapping, or just spotting animals -- just make sure to wear your orange.
  • Stick-to-your-ribs fare! The coal country is known for hefty, hearty fare. Grab dinner and drinks at the Maroons Sports Bar and Grill -- named after the Pottsville Maroons, one of the early National Football League teams -- or check out modernist fare downtown at The Greystone. If you want a beer, just ask for a "lager." A true Pennsylvanian will know exactly what you are asking for.
  • Renter-friendly! With 38.4 percent of the housing units being renter-occupied, and a median monthly rent of only $460, Pottsville is very friendly to renters. Complexes like Heritage Heights are great for folks who only want to rent, and there are plenty of property groups that can help find a place for someone looking for a rent to own house in the Bunker Hill or Lawton's Hill areas.
  • Growing the arts community! Studios and galleries are sprouting up, making the arts accessible to anyone who wants to learn -- Mud and Maker is constantly offering workshops for potential potters of all ages. Springtime brings the annual Block of Art festival, turning shops and indoor spaces into a gallery walk featuring local and regional artists.