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8 Reasons to Live in State College, PA

  • Low home ownership rate! Although the population is near 42,000 people, only 19% own their homes - the vast majority rent. Because of this, there are many beautiful homes in the area waiting for the perfect long-term resident. Nearby Lemont and Houserville are also areas that have an abundance of rent to own options.

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  • Affordable housing! Because so few people own homes, buying a home in the area isn't expensive. The average cost of a home is somewhere around $236,200. If you aren't sure about living in the area long term, looking at rent to own homes is an option. South of State College, Altoona and Lewistown offer similar options.
  • Home to Penn State! State College is home to the famous Pennsylvania State University, which contributes to the vibrant livelihood of the community. There is always an event or some sort goings-on to keep residents entertained, including the annual homecoming parade and Late Nights, held the last Thursday of every month at the Discovery Space Children's Science Museum.
  • Beautiful scenery right outside of town! Just beyond the city limits of State College lies Mount Nittany, perfect for hiking and seeing the countryside of Pennsylvania like you've never seen it before. The Nittany Lion Shrine also lies within State College, at University Park. It's the second-most photographed location in the entire state.
  • Fresh fruits and veggies! The Downtown Farmers' Market is held every Friday during the summer and fall. This is the perfect place to get fresh fruits and veggies for your home. For another taste of commercialized nature, head to the State College Floral Shoppe, one of the oldest business in the area, first founded in 1923.
  • High mobility rate! New residents are always moving in and out of this town, which is probably why 79% of properties are renter occupied. This means you'll always have new neighbors, and it also means that many of the landlords in the area are more than happy to give potential residents the ability to rent to own houses. If no homes in State College catch your eye, pay a visit to the nearby towns of Philipsburg or Bellefonte.
  • Educational opportunities! Although attending Penn State University is an obvious route to education, there are other ways to increase your knowledge. For instance, the Schlow Centre Region Library offers a wealth of books and other learning materials to the more than 200,000 yearly visitors. The nearby Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County also provides State College residents with a number of educational opportunities.
  • Perfect for the sports lover! State College is home to the State College Spikes, as well as the Penn State Men's Baseball Team, both of which can be seen at the nearby Medlar Field.