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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Wilkinsburg, PA

  • Wilkinsburg is a small city just east of Pittsburgh with a population of 15,930 as of the 2010 Census. Wilkinsburg, which began to grow thanks to the railroads of the 1850s, was originally a borough of Pittsburgh but separated itself in 1876. Since then, the city has added many achievements to its history, including broadcasting the first commercial radio in 1919.

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  • Restaurants that impress! Restaurants in Wilkinsburg specialize in quality and aim to please. Whether it be Al's Fish and Chicken for party food or Salvatore's Pizza House for reasonably priced pizza, you can't go wrong with the food options right here in town.
  • Tours to immerse you in the landscape! Whether you are moving from the big city to the small town or simply looking for a homey place to live, a tour is the best way to see the sights and find out what's great about a town. With the Pedal Power Tours around the area and the African American History tour at Hosanna House, there's no shortage of things to do and see.
  • Places to relax! The biggest allure of a town like Wilkinsburg is that it offers people an opportunity to relax. While the night life is good, relaxation throughout the day is Wilkinsburg's specialty. Whether you enjoy a hot drink at Mother Earth Coffee House or try out fresh bread at the Wood Street Bread Company, relaxing in Wilkinsburg is easy.
  • It's a renter's market! Nearly 61% of people in Wilkinsburg rent their homes. The median rental rate is an affordable $604. Look for homes for rent along Taylor Way and Wood Street to find the best deals.
  • Close to the bustling city! Variety is the spice of life, and Wilkinsburg offers the best of both the small town and the big city. While places like the Diesel Club Lounge or Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh is only a short drive away, those that crave amenities in Wilkinsburg can still enjoy places like the Wilkinsburg Beverage Co and Hanini's Market.
  • Home values are steadily increasing! Wilkinsburg offers a safe investment for prospective homeowners thanks to slowly but steadily increasing property values. The current median home value sits at $69,794, and the city has experienced an appreciation rate of 2.71% in 2014, For those not interested in purchasing a home, there is also a large pool of rent to own homes available. Another great thing about Wilkinsburg is the many home furnishing services available in the event that they are needed, including Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Clean Interiors for carpet cleaning.