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  • As the number of people flocking to North Charleston continues to rise, the demand for houses increases simultaneously. As a result, the number of home sale transactions have increased since the last year and the median home sale price rests at around $130,000. Both property prices and cost of living in the city are lower compared to the national average, and this is one of the major factors behind the growing population of North Charleston. At the same time, there has been a definitive change in home ownership patterns as well. Until a decade ago, a majority of the houses were owned and only 20-30% were rented. Now, the percentage of owned and rental homes is almost the same while the vacancy rate is close to 10%. Like several other economic sectors of the city, the real estate market is also growing, and newer plans like rent to own houses are gaining acceptance among people.

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  • Employers and Industries Until the end of the last century, North Charleston was primarily a naval base and its economy revolved around the Charleston Naval Shipyard. Things have come a long way since then and the city is now a major aircraft center, thanks to the establishment of the Boeing aircraft delivery and prep center in 2009. This single event created jobs in thousands, paving the way for other industries to invest in the city. With the construction of the Palmetto Commerce Parkway, the local economy received a huge boost, and once again, the biggest beneficiaries were employment seekers. Besides these industries, the hospitality sector and finance services are among the biggest employment providers in the city.
  • School Systems Schools in North Charleston are part of the Charleston County School District and Dorchester School District II. If you are moving to the city with your family, you will have a wide variety of schools to choose from - public, private and charter schools. The better public schools fall under the 'magnet' school category, meaning they have specialized courses along with a highly selective application procedure.
  • Weather and ClimateThe local weather can be defined as somewhere between temperate to subtropical and the average daily temperature hovers around 65F. There are close to 200 sunny days throughout the year with little or no snowfall and a decent amount of rain. Neither summers, nor winters are extreme - the average July temperature is somewhere between 85-90F, while the mercury rarely dips lower than 35F in January.
  • Local ShoppingNorth Charleston came out on top in South Carolina in terms of total retail sales in 2012. The people of the city love to shop. In fact, the first Sam's Club was opened right here in North Charleston. For a standard shopping mall experience, head to Northwoods Mall, which is home to many local departmental stores and some known brands. The Centre Pointe is another great shopping destination, and it has your favorite brand outlets along with famous eateries and the American LaFrance Fire Museum. Finally, there is the Historic District or the Old Village, where large brand outlets are replaced by small boutiques and kiosks owned by local merchants.