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  • Located in the middle of Texas, Abilene has a population of 117,063 people which makes it the 25th most populated city in Texas. The town was incorporated back in 1882 and has been growing at a slow and steady pace ever since. Abilene was established as a stock and trading post for the Texas and Pacific Railway and has been a key stop because of it's central location. The climate is comfortable for most of the year, with the exception of the summer months (June - August), which can become very hot, some would even say unrelentingly hot. Luckily, this is short lived and for the rest of the year, the temperatures are very pleasant and tend to make people want to be outside and enjoying all the area has to offer.

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  • Housing StatisticsOut of all residents, 32.79% choose to rent their homes rather than buy them. The median home value is a relatively low $85,300, well below the states average! Another perk of Abilene are the average rental prices people pay each month, they are only about $712 per month. With a high rate of rental vacancies, 10.4% standing empty, it is easy to see why the rents are so affordable.
  • Transportation, Commutes and School SystemsTransportation and commutes in Abilene are usually not too much of an issue for those living here. Most people drive their own vehicles to and from work and experience a relatively short 15 minute commute. For those using public transportation, the city's bus system is efficient, highly effective and it runs on time! The school system is Abilene is also top notch.There are 47 preschools, 32 elementary schools, 19 middle schools and 19 high schools within the public system which has an overall ranking of 6 out of 10. The top public schools in Abilene are the Wylie Junior, Intermediate and High Schools which score a 9 on that same scale.
  • Neighborhoods of AbileneLocated southeast of downtown Abilene, the Elmdale neighborhood is a suburban, upper middle-income area populated with a rich, culturally diverse group of sales and service workers, government employees, managers and executive professional alike. The commute to and from work might take anywhere from 15-30 minutes, but arriving home in this quiet area of town each night is well worth the distance traveled. The median home value in this area is $168,363, which is slightly higher than many other parts of Texas, but quite average when compared to the rest of the nation. Scooting over to the southwestern side of Abilene, the Wylie neighborhood is one of the nicest suburban areas to live in the city. The average rent is $1,164 per month and the average vacancy rate is 10.8%. This means there is plenty of opportunity to find just the right home to either rent or rent to own if you so choose. Most homes in this neighborhood were built between 1970-1999, with a few more recent builds as well. This lends an established feel to the neighborhood, as mature lanscaping and trees to lend shade to buildings, parks and residents alike, in the summer heat. Commuting is short and easy from the Wylie neighborhood and 96.4% of those commuting drive their own cars each way. This diverse, suburban neighborhood is home to middle and upper middle class individuals and families, active military personel and retirees who want a safe and roomy place to live. On the north side of Abilene, the Private Rd / County Rd 341 neighborhood takes up a vast area around Lake Fort Phantom Hill. The area is considered somewhat remote and rural, but the commute is still quite short to reach the city center, usually only 20-30 minutes. With average rental prices at a low $302 per month, it is worth thinking about moving a little further out for such a deal! The average vacancy rate is quite high in this area at 18.4%, but that only gives the potential buyer or renter more leverage when negotiating a deal. No matter where you decide to live in Abilene, the commute is usually short and the homes are typically large and spacious, a good deal no matter how you look at it!